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Retreats For Women

Welcome Goddesses and Immortal Sisters

We have an beautiful sacred space for our retreats, just 20 minutes from Victoria Station.  This retreat space is perfect for the manifestation of divine feminine energy and for sacred healing to take place.  As a woman you are the manifestation of th the divine feminine and connecting with your goddess self is your birthright.  Find yourself in this sacred healing space of respect and love with like minded sisters, safe to heal, grow, learn and express yourself.

Saturday May 20th 2017

A sacred and beautiful healing event to learn to release traumas and discover yourself anew as a creative spiritual sexual being.  Learn Taoist Inner Alchemy methods to transform yourself and learn to master your emotions, time and space.  Learn to activate and channel your energy fields and channels.  Learn self care massage to activate your endocrine system, eliminate menstrual difficulties and clear toxins from your body.  There will be healing sessions including sound and light therapy, meals provided and a sacred fire circle.  Any queries please email:

October  20th - 22nd 2017

Women's Sexual Healing and Jade Egg with Morakot Piyakesin (Tao Garden Instructor)

Step further into Taoist Alchemy and learn to channel your sexual energy as a tool for healing, spiritual growth, and creativity.  Learn to move your jing and use it to energise and heal yourself, awaken your creative potential and free yourself of traumas that are blocking your path. Find your self in a sacred space of Love and Compassion perfect for healing and letting go of what is no longer serving you.  Join our jade egg circle and participate in a beautiful ceremony of sisterhood, connection with divine energies and feminine healing.

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