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Welcome Goddesses and Immortal Sisters

We have an beautiful sacred space for our retreats, in Archway, North London.  It's just 10 Minutes on the Tube from Euston or Kings Cross Station.  This retreat space is perfect for the manifestation of divine feminine energy and for sacred healing to take place.  As a woman you are the manifestation of the divine feminine and connecting with your goddess self is your birthright.  Find yourself in this sacred healing space of respect and love with like minded sisters, safe to heal, grow, learn and express yourself.

A sacred and beautiful healing event to learn to release traumas and discover yourself anew as a creative spiritual sexual being.  Learn Taoist Inner Alchemy methods to transform yourself and learn to master your emotions, time and space.  Learn to activate and channel your energy fields and channels.  Learn self care massage to activate your endocrine system, eliminate menstrual difficulties and clear toxins from your body.  There will be healing sessions including sound and light therapy, meals provided and a sacred fire circle.  Any queries please email:

October  13th - 14th 2018

The Jade Egg is a tool that can allow us to discover our hidden potential. Used in Ancient times in China to strengthen yoni, it also has the power to unlock the powers that are held in our most sacred of spaces.

The yoni is not just a naturally pleasurable part of the body that nature has provided to make our lives more fun, it is also a power generator that can provide enormous amounts of energy and wisdom to power our lives. Our yonis literally contain the wisdom of our ancestors and when we start to access this we are provided with a wealth of knowledge that we can access to allow us to walk our paths and find our goals.

Our yonis are the most magical places we will ever encounter and the incredible thing is that they are right inside us. They provide us with orgasmic energy which is a superfood for body and soul.

Our Yonis also carry the traumas of our ancestors and our generations, the collective traumas of womankind. These traumas block both our potential for pleasure and our potential for self-fulfilment.

Jade Eggs have become known for strengthening the muscles in the yoni but their potential lies in the power to release the traumas we are holding in our bodies, from this and other lifetimes and even from our ancestors.

The magic starts before the egg even enters, and we can use meditation to start to release fear and traumas that are in the entrance of our yonis.

Like the foot, the yoni contains reflexology zones that we can learn to connect with to release fears, shame, anger, guilt, sadness and pain. These emotions get somatised in our yoni, but when we connect with these areas, using our mind and the jade egg to massage the areas as we exeercise our muscles, these blockages release.

The result is that our energy starts to flow which means that we open up to experience our orgasmic potential. This clearing does so much more than open us up to pleasure, it increases our energy levels and allows us to tap into our ancestral wisdom which opens our creative potential to manifest our destiny.

The workshop will be hosted by Hayley Cutler and Jade Lotus.

Hayley is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Tantra Educator with 10 years experience and a Universal Healing Tao Associate Instructor who trained with Minke de Vos and Shashi Solluna.

Jade has a background in Chinese Medicine and as a therapist and is a Tantra Educator and Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor. She teaches Inner Alchemy, Sexual Alchemy and Iron Shirt Chi Kung.

The Workshop will include:

- Kundalini Yoga Classes
- Taoist Inner Alchemy to Transform and Master Emotions using smiles and sounds
- Moving Energy in the Microcosmic Orbit
-Chi Kung
-Self Massage and the Deer Exercise
-Using the Jade Egg to clear blockages and activate the power in the Yoni

For more information about the Taoist practices we will be using, see

07738 062 152