Universal Healing Tao – Training With Master Chia

The Universal Healing Tao System

Master Chia has spent a lifetime dedicated to taoist practice and advancing human spirituality.  He has put taoist practices into a system that is easy to learn and contains all the elements needed to develop as a practitioner.  He emphasises the importance of developing virtue and sees these practices as essential to the development of human consciousness. He tirelessly works to spread his practices to to the world.  Some taoists criticise him for giving away secrets to the public, one criticism is that these practices can be dangerous.  This is true, and it is best to take instruction in these practices form a UHT certified instructor.  However, Master Chia has given a wonderful gift to the world which has revolutionised the lives of tens of thousands of people, because it has put them back in control of their destiny.


Tao Gardens Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is Master Chia's resort in Thailand.  It is an amazing place to go to heal and relax.  There are cutting edge holistic treatments available and people from all over the world travel there to find healing from serious illness.

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Training with Master Chia

Master Chia visits the UK twice annually to teach his practices.  You may feel that you want to learn more and a trip to Tao Gardens for a retreat would be perfect.  We can help you to prepare for the training there and coach you in the practices and routine to expect.

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