Weekly Classes

Chi Kung and Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation

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Girdlestone Walk Community Centre

Girdlestone Estate Community Centre, Salisbury Walk, Archway London N19 5DX United Kingdom


In September there are 2 classes

Wednesdays 6 September 7.30pm – 9pm:

Taoist Inner Alchemy: Ancient secrets to learn to understand and live in harmony with our emotions. Suppressed emotions lead to disease, but any unwanted emotion can be transformed into something beneficial, increasing your energy levels. Learn to use sounds, eye movements, a simple smile and focused mind to master your emotions. Also simple exercises to realign your body and eliminate pain, and how to focus your mind to move your energy.

September 13 7.30-9pm: Opening the chi flow circulation in your body to clean your energy improving health and eliminating pain.