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An alchemist mixes crude and base elements, transforming and purifying them into a refined substance. In legends this was an elixir of immortality. Today we can use Alchemy to transform negative experiences into a positive energy that we can use to improve our lives. We can transform pain into bliss or sadness into joy.

In this two day weekend workshop, we learn to cultivate and work with sexual energy. We learn to transform lust into self confidence and self love and to use orgasm as an energy to heal and manifest in our lives.

This is about transforming sexual energy from a source of frustration into a source of personal power. When we learn to circulate our sexual energy up our bodies we can transform and refine it into "shen" or spiritual energy, the super food for our soul.

Through the Taoist Inner Alchemy practices, we are able to experience one of the most powerful healing processes. We are able to learn to use our own powerful energy to heal ourselves. Such powerful energy is needed in order to reprogram our past traumas and subsequent limitations we put on our self that obstructs us from achieving our potentials

Our sexual organs are literally power generators containing the energy needed to create life. When we are not creating life we can use this energy for creative purposes and to manifest what we want in our lives.

This practice is so much more than a sexual tool. It improves our sex life but also gives us self confidence in all areas of life, as well as healing on a cellular level and an active spiritual connection.

This workshop is open to both men and women with no prior experience in Qi Gong or any energy work.

The cost is £150 for the weekend. We are offering an early bird price to book before 22 March of £100.

For more Info and to book: (07546661842)