Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot

Female ejaculation and the G spot are about the most mysterious aspects of the feminine body.  Fascinating and yet elusive, it makes the already mysterious female an incredible puzzle to decipher.

It’s easy to think of a vagina as a hole, but it’s so much more than that.  The vagina is a cave full of mysteries.  If you explore it in the right way, you will discover it is full of magical places and sensations to explore.

Thousands of years ago in Ancient India and China, female ejaculation was considered essential for a woman’s health.  The fluid was referred to as Amrita, which means elixir, and was literally considered to contain divine and life giving properties.

Fast-forward to our supposedly enlightened times where countries like the United Kingdom ban the depiction of female ejaculation.  It’s hardly surprising enormous amounts of women have difficulty experiencing orgasm and could not imagine ejaculating, which is considered to be the remit of men.

Writing about this subject goes way deeper than describing techniques for mere physical stimulation.  Yes it plays a part, but there is so much more. 


I’m fascinated by the fact that ancient cultures had such a focus on female ejaculation.  For them, it was about health and even spirituality.  Ok, you ask, SPIRITUALITY???

Ancient cultures believed that the release of the fluid was a kind of a cleansing of bad energy from the woman.  This is not actually so different from the vibrator machines that doctors used in the 19th century to clinically induce orgasm to treat ‘hysteria’ in women.

Back in the day there was a culture of lovers taking great pride in really understanding a woman’s anatomy, not just on a physical level but energetically, emotionally and spiritually.  Manuals called The Art of the Bedchamber would be found in most Chinese households.

If we look at a penis and a vagina, there is an inherent problem with the design, because the penis tends to miss the G-spot during sex.

You might ask yourself, how could nature/God be so negligent?  I wonder if this is not part of the grand design, requiring the woman to be stimulated by tongues, fingers and other body parts.  When she is truly explored her beloved, taking pleasure in becoming intimately acquainted with every part of her and learning to read her responses, a deep connection and intimacy is formed.

Women have nine nerves going into their vaginas, while men only have one going to their penis.  The really amazing thing is that the sensitive areas where these nerves end up are unique in every woman. 

This means that the longer we are with a lover the more time they have to explore us and the better they will be at satisfying us.  Arguably, according to our anatomy, we are designed by nature to find a partner and stay with them.  There has been significant controversy about the existence of the G Spot.  Perhaps this is because it’s internal and hidden, not visible to the eye. 

It’s easy to blame sexism, but the fact is that many women do not feel their G-spots.  Isn’t that really strange?  Women’s G-spots seem to have collectively gone numb.  A lack of connection with our bodies, shame about our sexuality, and rough sex all contribute to the problem.

 It is possible to reprogram our own tissues or the tissues of our lover to be sensitive to pleasure.

The G-Spot can regain its sensitivity and become a well of pleasure again.

The first thing is to go slowly.  Take time to touch and open up the whole body, and get her relaxed.   Anyone can do it if they breathe, take time and connect.

When you get to the vagina, keep up the slow movement.  Avoid touching the clitoris directly as stimulating intense clitoral orgasms early on can block her from having G-spot orgasms later on.

  • Gently run your finger up and down the crease between the labia, going over and around the clit.  You will be stimulating the surrounding tissues and it’s an incredibly sensitive and pleasurable area. 
  • Gently massage the whole labia area, and then move to focusing on the entrance of the vagina, keeping up slow circular movements.  Just below the clitoris is the urethral tissue and this connects directly to the G-spot.
  • Clockwise circular massaging of this area will start to open up the tissues to pleasure.  Go very slowly and gentle.  It is essential to keep breathing and to find and experience a deep connection with your lover.  Eye contact and touching her Heart is great for this.

You must check that her whole body is relaxed.

I told you there is something magical about this whole phenomenon.  Later I will tell you the way to manually push the fluid out to get her to squirt, but there is much more to it than the physical movement.

I know this because there are a few occasions that I have ejaculated without stimulation.  Crazy?  

On one occasion I was with a man who seemed to master my body, to understand every aspect of it.  Every part he touched, it was like he was opening one area after another.

When he finally got to the vagina and put his hand over it, barely touching, I squirted everywhere.  I could not believe it.

Another time, and this gets weirder, I was meditating with a friend.  We were circulating our energy together, and as the energy would move through my body, I would orgasm.  Then it happened again.  I was totally shocked.

What I realized was, squirting, or as Tantrists so eloquently describe it, releasing Amrita (elixir) is so much more than a physical thing.  The energy has to be right.  There are several ways in which the liquid can release, including intense stimulation, intense G-Spot orgasms and also intense relaxation.

There is a physical way to stimulate the G-Spot to bring about ejaculation. 

This comes with a proviso because it theoretically works, but it’s all about relaxing and preparing the woman’s body beforehand. 

You can read my blog giving tips about how to be the perfect lover for more information about how to prepare her body.

An important thing to understand about most women’s vaginas is that they contain areas of tension and hardness, which blocks the flow of energy.  These are typically caused by rough sex and are the reason why the more stimulation you get, the more you need, as the nerves freeze and your sex organs start to go numb.

The good news is you can unblock these areas.  Yoni Massage (vaginal massage) is a therapeutic practice that does exactly that.  You can use these techniques to gently massage around the vagina, feeling areas of tension and massaging them (as you would a knot on a shoulder) to release the tension.

Once the vagina starts to relax the woman becomes way more sensitive and way more orgasmic.  Sounds like fun?

Remember that there is a connection between the physical and emotional.  If she can’t open to you emotionally and you do not allow her space to be emotional, she will not fully open up sexually.

After you release the tension in the walls, move to the G-Spot, which feels a bit like the roof of your mouth.  It is at the inside upper end of the vagina, (if the woman is standing) only an inch or 2 inside and under the pubic bone.

Under the G-Spot is a little gland called the Skene’s gland.  This is like the prostate gland in men.  The Skene’s gland fills with fluid and this fluid is ejected out of the urethra.  That’s what female ejaculation is.

Once you find the G-Spot, massage it gently until you start to feel the Skene’s gland.  This is the female prostate and feels like a little bump under the G-Spot.  As you start to massage the area the gland will swell up as it fills with the fluid that will squirt out.

Allow the gland to swell for some time.  While you are doing this keep up a connection with her by looking in her eyes, touching her heart area and breasts and stroking her.  Creating this connection and literally opening her Heart is an essential part of this.  If she is not relaxed and open she is unlikely to squirt.

Once the gland is nice and full you can try to go for the final stage.  Relax your arm as the movement comes from the shoulder.  This is actually similar to the way people relax when they are doing tai chi.

Lying next to her with your torso raised and one hand on her Heart, looking into her eyes. Use the left hand (the left hand is feminine and she will feel more comfortable with it) with the elbow bent at around 90 degrees.  Being relaxed is essential or you will tire quickly and may hurt her.

Start to rapidly but gently move your hand with a motion that is almost like a vibration in the fingers, coming from the wrist and shoulder.  It should be relaxed if you do it right.  As you do this, there will be a lot of pressure on the gland, and if she is relaxed and open (and you are firm but gentle) the fluid will squirt out.

The second way to release the fluid is through intense G-Spot orgasms. 

Women can orgasm vaginally in 3 ways.  The first is brought on by clitoral stimulation and involves contractions of the muscles in the entrance to the vagina, and tends to be noisy and dramatic.  It’s the most common and easy to bring on.  Clitoral orgasm will not cause ejaculation.  Clitoral stimulation and orgasms tend to block a woman’s ability to have G-Spot orgasms by draining her energy so avoid this.

Cervical orgasms come from the cervix and are more like a internal vibration which can move up the body.  They last longer and are blissful and serene.  They are quiet and also intensely healing, but again will not bring on ejaculation.  When the woman experiences G-Spot orgasms she can squirt with the pressure of the intensity of the orgasm.

You can stimulate the G-Spot via the urethral tissue, which is just below the clitoris.  Some clitoral touching can help but keep it minimal.  Massaging the urethral tissue and G-Spot brings on G-Spot orgasms.  The technique is different for every woman and it’s for you and your lover to experiment with.

There is a third way that is much less common.  I have experienced it and am totally fascinated by how it happened.  I mention it here because I find it highly significant.  It’s a mistake to put in lots of physical effort to force out the fluid if you have not created the right energy.  It can actually be unpleasant.

Ejaculation can happen without stimulation or orgasm but through deep relaxation.

The first time it happened to me I was having a yoni massage.  The practitioner had touched every part of my body perfectly, opening it up bit by bit.  I was not in any way in love with him but I felt completely held and taken care of.  I felt so secure and safe and was completely relaxed.

When he put his hand over my vagina, there was the most enormous squirt that soaked the bed.  I was amazed and came to a realization.  There is so much more to arousal, orgasm and ejaculation than the physical. A large element is just the body relaxing and the energy flowing.  Now that is incredible.

What I realized is that female ejaculation is magic.  It defies logic but it is everything about how the female body works. 

We are not logical, we are magical.  Magic is about energy.  Our orgasms are magical, our arousal is magical, but most of all the incredible process of female ejaculation is more than magic, it is divine.

It doesn’t surprise me that in ancient times people considered female ejaculation to have spiritual and healing properties. 

When women ejaculate they release physical and emotional toxins from their bodies.  This clears blockages and opens us up to really be able to be ourselves and experience life.  This is why the ancients considered it to be so important. 

It’s also why women can cry and be emotional after ejaculating, or after orgasm and sex in general.  They are going into a profound healing process that is deeper than any psychology session.

When two people come together with total respect for each other as sexual spiritual beings and with respect for the process they undertake to combine their energies, something both healing and divine takes place.

Doctors and Scientists cannot explain why some women orgasm and some do not.  They cannot cure anorgasmia.  That’s because science cannot understand the magic.

Female ejaculation has fascinated modern people.  It flies in the face of what we are told about our bodies.  It’s beautiful and sexy and it allows us to completely release and let go so that our bodies, minds and spirits can heal on a profound level.

It shows the world that we are more than mere flesh, we are energy and spirit combined and this has the power to create incredible magic.