How to Outsmart Erectile Dysfunction

Guaranteed Steps To Harder, Stronger and Longer Erections: Outsmarting Erectile Dysfunction so you can have the Best Sex Ever

Every man loves his penis like it’s his baby, and so he should. It’s a mini version of him that literally embodies his manhood. Your penis carries your strength and virility, your masculinity.

But what about when your penis fails to rise to the occasion?  The confusion and distress that this causes can be overwhelming and shattering to confidence.

It’s perfectly normal that sometimes nothing is working. It happens to everyone.

Stress can be a major factor in this. Problem is that this happening can be so scary that it adds even more stress and starts to surround love-making with an unpleasant energy.

There are two main reason behind erectile dysfunction.

The first is psychological. There are many psychological reasons. These include stress, but now it’s estimated that around 30% of erectile dysfunction relates to overconsumption of porn and subsequent desensitisation.

Learning to reconnect with your sexual energy through Sexual Alchemy Meditation is a great way to resolve this.

The second reason is physical, but this is unlikely in normal circumstances to affect someone before their 40’s or even 50’s. The exception is that smoking, especially cannabis, and using drugs or alcohol as well as bad diet and lack of exercise can affect the blood flow and can cause problems to younger men.

The science is that your abdomen and pelvis are full of blood vessels that supply the penis. When you get aroused this blood rushes into your sexual area giving you that gorgeous erection that you love to see and feel, and that she loves too.

Smoking, as well as bad diets that are full of processed foods clog the blood vessels and slow down that blood flow. Exercise and fresh vegetables get the blood flowing.

Physical exhaustion can also affect the blood flow. Exercise is good but too much is not, and if you are exercising a lot it’s really important to have a good diet of fresh and natural wholefoods to nourish your body. Vitamin pills are simply not a substitute.

These physical factors can start to affect you as you age, but the psychological factors are fundamental.

If you start to feel that fear creeping in, that you are not performing as you once did, there are three simple steps that you can take to address the issue.

The first is to massage yourself. Like most men you probably self pleasure, which is a form of message, but often this is done in a way that is actually harmful to the blood vessels.

By that I mean roughness and up and down fast movements. In fact you could try a completely different self pleasuring experience which takes into account your future sexual health.

Try to turn your self-pleasuring into a different kind of routine. Make time for it and give it respect.

Start by massaging your lower abdomen, groin, pubic bone and upper legs.

Massaging in this way will keep the blood vessels open by shifting any little blockages that could turn into something big later on.

Around the joints at the top of the leg, you might find lumps. This is blocked lymph and massaging it will unblock it.

There are some ancient Chinese self-massage techniques that are really useful for keeping that mojo alive. Think about the sexual energy, you want to bring that into your penis and keep it there. So try this:

  1. Massage in slow and long strokes from the base to the head, just the one way. You can use oil. Go slow and tune into the sensations, savouring and enjoying them.
  2. Start to squeeze your penis, close to the base. Slowly squeeze and release. Both of these can be done up to 100 times or more.
  3. Massage your testicles nice and slow but firmly to release any stuck hormones.
  4. Massage in slow circles in both directions on and above the pubic bone.

What you do after that is up to you but try to go slow, tune into the energy and enjoy every sensation, literally feeling the increased energy and blood flowing into your cock. Gentle focus and nice thoughts (as opposed to a rush to release tension) help too.

The second thing is to ditch the porn and start to connect with your lover.

 Porn can have a massive grip and influence your sexual life. Evidence suggests that watching 3 hours or more of porn per week changes the brain structure!!!

This is because porn portrays sex in a disconnected and objectified way so that when you meet the real thing, it probably does not add up and the idea of connecting with a real human being actually becomes strange and scary.

There is an ancient tantric secret about this. You have probably heard about tantric sex but have little idea what it is. Tantric sex is when two people have sex in a way that is beyond the physical, that they use meditation techniques to bring the energy into it, creating a multifaceted experience that is totally mind blowing.

When we look in another persons eyes, we start to connect on a deep level and the more we do the more we connect. It can be difficult and scary. Same when we talk, and I mean intimately sharing all our thoughts, fears and dreams.

This creates connection and the connection reduces stress because then we start to feel safe with our lover.

The third thing is, just simply relax.


You can make an effort, push to get hard, to do your best, but sometimes you just need to lie back and let it happen. If one day it doesn’t, so what. Maybe you needed to rest, or it wasn’t the time.

Sometimes just giving up on getting hard for the night will mean the penis breathes a sigh of relief, relaxes and just gets up. I have seen it happen.

Even when there is physical erectile dysfunction, when two lovers are really connected, the energy becomes so strong that the vagina of the woman can literally pull the penis in and make it hard. No joke, it’s happened to me.

Whatever you do, avoid Viagra. It damages your ability to get an erection in the future and it’s bad for your heart.

Jade Lotus is a Tantra Educator and teaches Taoist Sexual Alchemy. She is a therapist who provides bespoke sexological bodywork sessions to her clients. She specialises in erectile dysfunction issues and premature ejaculation. For more info check out