Men’s guide to Multiple Orgasms

Men’s Guide to the hottest orgasms EVER: Learn to have extended and multiple orgasms like a woman does

Sometimes I feel so sorry for you guys. I know you have an economic and political advantage over us, but women can have much more fun in bed.

Vaginas have 9 nerves going to them, a penis only one. I can’t even imagine how much more fun we have and I guess no one can really know! I mean, multiple orgasms!?

There are obvious biological issues here. I think the fact we are being penetrated and the pleasure is spreading through our bodies means it can infect every cell in our being with much more ease, taking us to blissful realms more easily.

Every time I have had sex with a man I am brutally aware I am having so much more fun than he is. 50 orgasms later, floating in bliss, maybe I only give a fleeting thought to this obvious inequality, but still I know want you to have as much fun as me.

Recently after a 2 hour session with my lover where he didn’t ejaculate, he got in a massive mood at me. In fact the next time we met he ‘got revenge’, as he said, by ejaculating after a few minutes.

I was taken aback by his behaviour. He was clearly resentful to me for having so many more fun than he was, yet I had done my best to make him happy.

The obvious problem is that orgasm, or at least ejaculation in men is generally the end, in fact the French call it le petit morte, which means the little death. I don’t have an orgasm and lose interest and turn over to watch the football on my mobile phone!

I was once kissing a man and he said ‘I want to have an orgasm’ which seemed like he was saying I want it all to be over.

Men are stuck in a cycle of sex for the ejaculation. I think that porn has a big part to play in this, because it has set a certain expectation of sex in people’s minds. Instead of exploring ourselves and finding what works for us we enter the game with a lot of assumptions.

The good news is that thousands of years ago in the orient, people found a way to get around this dilemma, the total inequality of man and woman when it comes to sex, something we tend to do together.

The first thing is, that orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing.

That might come as a shock because most people use the two words interchangeably.

I have had a lover who could separate the two, the result being that he could have multiple orgasms without ejaculating and continue indefinitely. What was so amazing for me as the woman was our bodies vibrating together in a long orgasmic harmony that was the most incredible thing ever.

The Science Behind This

To most people this feels like an impossible feat. It doesn’t even make sense. I admit it takes practice and dedication to do but I think the benefits more than pay off.

Many men can’t even control ejaculation. This can be a result of stress, as ejaculation is a flight or fight response. So the first thing is to relax.

The second thing is to self-pleasure and practice. If you keep bringing yourself close to the edge and then pull back, eventually you will get to the point where the orgasm starts and you can stop the ejaculation.

In ancient China sex was an art. There were realms of literature dedicated both to sex for health and to sex for health benefits.

The world is beset by an epidemic of sexual dysfunction and both doctors and the patients are at a loss of what to do. In ancient China the emperors also realised that after having sex with their thousands of wives and concubines they were exhausted and depleted.

They set about on a mission to discover how to have sex without draining themselves. This became a national pastime and every Chinese family would have a book entitled The Art of the Bedchamber in their home.

They considered ‘self-massage’ of sexual organs to be an essential part of health and self care. Todays desperate tug to release the pressure is very different.

I believe that self pleasuring is an essential way to get to know your energy and discover your potential. Through conscious self-pleasuring techniques like edging you can learn to unleash your orgasmic potential and orgasm like a woman, and you can have as much fun as us.

Then you don’t need to get in a mood because you think we have more fun.

Jade Lotus is a Tantra Educator and Taoist instructor who specialises is sexological bodywork. She empowers people to release traumas and heal themselves so they can find the life they are looking for. For more info check out her website: For more info about conscious self-pleasuring follow her YouTube channel.