About Me

My passion is to explore the use of energy to advance the human experience.  My mission is to facilitate and empower others to make the same discoveries that I did so that their path can be a fuller experience of the bliss that lies in fulfillment.

I work with vital energy, life force and sexual energy to heal and to awaken the energy.  I use ancient Taoist and Tantric techniques in the knowledge and understanding of modern science to create practical solutions for normal people.

I work with sexuality at a time when there is a deep need for sexual healing, both personal and collective, when the wounds of the collective sexual abuse of a society through religious repression are raw and leaving a scar on all of humankind.

My goal is to open humanity back to it's original innocence in love, pleasure, and existence in the present, back to the metaphysical Garden of Eden.  My goal is to transform the pain and suffering of society into a catalyst for love and bliss, because I know that anything can be transformed into it's opposite.


Like most people, I grew up thoroughly immersed in what I would describe as the material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual poverty of the material world.  As a teenager I began to realise that this was the path of sickness and suffering. This began a quest for another way of living, in harmony with nature, which became clear to me during a journey to India in 1999, when I first experienced how diverse and big the world was compared to the little world I had grown up in. 

My introduction to the esoteric arts was through yoga and Tantra. I also practiced Muy Thai, but I felt limited by both of these practices. Yoga was making me feel good but was not taking me to deep energetic or spiritual levels, and Muy Thai was more about force than chi. I first became acquainted with Taoism and chi kung when I studied Acupuncture at The College of Traditional Acupuncture in 2008.  

After discovering the magic of chi kung and Taoist alchemical practices and realising the potential for self healing and self development, I became absorbed in them. I felt my whole body changing, from being stiff and painful to becoming supple and a conduit for incredible experiences. Eventually I studied and became certified as an instructor of the Healing Tao practices by Grand Master Mantak Chia.  I am passionate about the potential that energetic awakening has for all of us.  For me, it transformed my life from mundane survival to a never-ending beautiful pleasurable and spiritual experience which everyone has access too. 

Whilst suffering is inevitable, our lives can still be beautiful and enjoyable, when we learn to create our own reality.  It's about learning to master your own time and space and becoming the master of your own destiny, which is what I learnt to do when I manifested the energy I wanted through chi kung practice handed down from the teachings of the ancient Taoists.  The key is to learn to transform the 'negative', or base desires like suffering, lust and greed into higher vibrational frequencies like love, compassion and happiness, to increase and activate our energy, to refine and purify it and to connect with environmental energies in a conscious minded way, tapping into what will benefit us and eliminating what we don't need.

My passion for energy and perfection coupled with my deep interest in the knowledge of Chinese culture leads me to practice tai chi, chi kung and meditation on a daily basis.  I love to do it in nature and connect with the Five Elements, feeling their energy and the messages that they send us as informational vibrations when we connect to their frequencies. I come from a culturally mixed family and never felt much connection to British culture, but I found meaning in the teachings of the Taoists because they reflect our relationship with nature, something that is as alive today as it was thousands of years ago. This relationship with nature and the energy around us is something I feel, something anyone who tunes in can experience and feel. Taoist practice is a useful tool to do this, but any virtuous and energy awakening practice or anything that connects us with nature is deeply healing and has a similar effect.

I was introduced to Taoism in 2008 when I studied a degree in Five Elements Acupuncture at the College of Traditional Acupuncture, through which I gained a licentiate in Acupuncture and a BA degree (2:1).  I am a qualified Bowen Technique therapist and studied Chi Nei Tsang with Master Chia, as well as learning Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang in Chiang Mai with Ong at Ong's Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai. Ong learnt and practiced therepeutic women's massage in China, Japan and Thailand.  I practice a system of Taoist and Tantric bodywork massage based on Mal Weeraratne's system of Emotional Detox through Bodywork.

My focus in treatment is always on rebalancing the patient to allow the body to follow it's own wisdom and heal as it needs. This is about clearing patterns of trauma, removing blocks, and establishing the strength of the energetic system. I like to involve my patients in their own recovery and through my experience of practicing and teaching chi kung I recommend exercise and meditations as well as lifestyle advice. For more about my therapies click here.