Ajna Light

Ajna light is an exciting new tool for both healing and the exploration of consciousness. My interest in Ajna Light is on two levels. Firstly, not unlike Bowen Technique, it facilitates healing by allowing the brain to reset the body patterns to homeostasis.

My second reason for interest in the Ajna light is the connection with meditation, DMT and Taoism. Taoist meditators have long understood the role of the pineal gland in meditation. The area of the brain where the glands are situated is referred to as the Crystal Palace. After deeply progressing with meditation this area starts to light up (literally, it's an incredible feeling) and shine into your body. At this point the pineal can start to produce DMT and you can have visions. When I have talked about my experiences with this, most people have found it hard to fathom. Ajna light can give you a insight into the possibility of this within yourself.

The benefits of meditation are becoming more apparent within scientific studies. Research is showing meditation to improve brain functioning, physically, and psychologically. Along with overall well being and general health. This include many benefits ranging from developing better focus, memory recall, cognitive skills, problem solving and the ability to increase size of the brain’s grey matter. Emotional well being, stress management, and slowing down the aging process the list goes on.

The light is a tool to help train your meditation practice into depths previously unexplored whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or even advanced. The light may offer you all the benefits of meditation and with enough sessions under the light your brain can use the reference experiences to develop the intent to reach and stay in these states on your own.

Benefits of the Ajna Light

Those who have experienced the Ajna light have described the following benefits:

– Clarity of mind and emotions

– Reduce state of anxiety and stress

– Intuition development

– Better sense of connection with a larger reality

– Creativity

– Quality sleep has increased

– Out of Body & Astral Projection experiences

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