Alchemical Magic for LGBT

Soul is both Male and Female

Although there are clear differences between men and women at a certain level, we all contain both the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies.  The difference is unique in individual, and the balance we create is essential to our health. Taoism is accepting of people of all genders as it recognises that we all consist of both masculine and feminine energy and these are something we all work with regardless. One of the Eight Immortals of Taoism, Lan Ts'ai-ho was transgender. Taoists have a god who manages love and sex between same sex couples called Tu'er Shen. Taoism has respect for individuality and does not view sex as being about morals, it is simply health.

Overcoming negative cultural sterotypes

Cultural norms of gender are oppressive to most people.  They can create huge pressures that can be hard to cope with, especially if you are sensitive.  It is important to remember that we are all perfect by nature, and that ultimately we can transcend societal gender stereotypes and ideas by finding our true selves.  As we grow and build on ourselves as energetic and spiritual beings other people's issues become less important, and we realise that they don't need to affect us.

Finding Balance

Urban life is full of pressures towards destructive lifestyles. These can be easy to fall into, especially when dealing with difficult personal issues.  When we find a place of balance within ourselves, pressure from outside loses importance as we grow strong in ourselves and realise that our personal development is the goal.

Love making between too souls on any level is exactly that. Whilst physical sex exists on a certain level, on other levels it simply blends away and is irrelevant. Society is obsessed with norms of gender and tends to ignore that we have both aspects and need to connect with and balance them. We may connect more with one gender and some of us may feel we connect equally with both and these are energies that we can use Taoist practice to play and work with.

For example, at the end of a chi kung session it is routine for women to rub their tan tien anticlockwise (to disperse) and then clockwise (to condense). This is simply for anyone wanting to connect with feminine energies to do and something that anyone can experiment with doing both ways. Someone who is transitioning can use the practices to bring out their masculine or feminine qualities. These are simply tools that anyone can use to connect with the energies they want to connect with and to empower themselves. Sex is absolutely not about morality, it's about energy and health. The only thing the Taoists say is to be aware of is that masculine sexual energy (we all have it) is quite unstable and needs to be balances with yin, either our own or that of a partner. 

Love making between Women

Historically, it was considered normal for Taoist women to make love with each other. It was considered healthy even for 'straight' women to make love together as a way to get to know their own bodies. A husband would often have many wives and concubines and they would routinely pleasure each other. It is a perfect chance to heal and nourish divine feminine energies.

The experience of intimacy between two women is dynamic with incredible potential for healing and exploring the healing love and Sexual Alchemy practices together. It is a unique opportunity to heal and to reach deep psychedelic and spiritual levels. Remember that Taoists understand women to be spiritually and energetically superior to men because of their energetic nature, and we have powerful energy to use with each other. It is a chance to play with and connect with inner forces of yin and yang and experiment with our relationships with these forces, and also to use massage techniques to help each other to clear out the emotional toxins from the yoni.

Oral sex is a highly regarded practice among Taoist and synchronous oral pleasure is considered a deeply spiritual practice and also is a good chance to circulate your microcosmic orbit together with that of your lover. Taoist love making is about going slow and gentle for maximum sensitivity and arousal while feeling deeply into the area being stimulated. Increased slowness and gentle touch increases sensitivity. If there is lack of sensitivity, massage to release the emotional toxins in the area can be helpful, of you might want to try an emotional detox full body and yoni massage.

A Taoist love making technique could include to lie together whilst having oral in total stillness and allow the energy to move. Preliminary work to awaken the energy flow such as massaging the back may help, but the idea with this is that in stillness the energy will start to move. You can also experiment in this position with gentle and slow movements of the tongue, but the stillness is the position in which the energy will build up the most. Then you can work with circulating the energy.  There are endless other ways to experiment with the energy.

Love Making between Men

Explore our individual unique yin and yang aspects within is a fun experience that men can enjoy. Learning to balance these elements in a harmonious way is rewarding on many levels. Gay and bisexual men contain incredible mixtures of masculine and feminine energies.  Experimenting with these different dynamics and polarities and bringing out sides of ourselves that may have been latent can be great fun.

We all have microcosmic orbits and experimenting with different ways to get them to flow together is fascinating. Taoist love making is about gentleness, stillness, and alternating deep and shallow penetration whilst allowing the energy to do the work. This increases sensitivity and with regular practice of Taoist Inner Alchemy you can learn to seperate orgasm and ejaculation and become multi orgasmic and have full body orgasms.  You can become so sensitive and a simple touch or even a directed thought is enough to send waves of orgasmic pleasure through your body.

Prostate massage is a health practice that there has been a lot of buzz about recently. Learning to find your own and your lovers prostate and playing with different pressure and touch to clear and heal this area as well as unlocking the orgasmic potential here is really good for the health. Having a prostate orgasm is incredibly healing and can go on for 20 minutes or more. Massaging the tip of the coccyx from inside also is a powerful way to move energy.

Orgasmic energy is very healing when combined with love energy of the Heart, it heals the body on the cellular level because of the vibrations that it creates. Practicing to move your sexual energy into your Heart is an incredible experience which leaves your whole body feeling incredible. Moving it to your brain gives a clear headed rush that is very focusing.

Remember to always store your energy in your lower tan tien at the end of any session to prevent side effects like headaches.

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