Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is a gentle therapy that works on the muscle fascia to realign the skeletal structure and spine.  It works by reprogramming the muscles and central nervous system, putting the body out of flight or fight mode into relaxation where healing can occur.  During treatment the brain goes into a deeply relaxing delta wave state and which allows the body to go into a deep level of healing.  It is effective for most muscular and skeletal problems including slipped and herniated discs, injuries, pain, stress, insomnia, menstrual and Kidney problems and many other health problems.

I came across Bowen technique after suffering severe neck and head injuries in a car accident. I was amazed at the progress I made very quickly.  The treatment is so gentle it is hard to understand how it can be effective, but when I sat up after the first treatment I felt the blood rush back into my face as it had not done since before the injury and immediately felt much better. Bowen helped me through various injuries and pains, what I found so incredible was the way it could realign bones, something I had not been able to do with acupuncture. I lve the gentleness of it, I had bad experiences with chiropractors trying to click me back into place which I had found traumatic.  I decided to study it and in 2014 I became a Bowen practitioner. 


I have had four sessions with Jade.  Two of these were in a group session and 2 private sessions.  I have extremely tight hips with one hip tighter than the other due to compensating over the years. I will now turn to Bowen instead of a chiropractor if I need relief from the tightness in the future. Jade has a knowing and practical application of the technique and gives great advise for future sustainability. I felt like I could have put my leg behind my head after the second 1-2-1 session as well as feeling uplifted and lighter. The group sessions were deeply relaxing and bondingwith the other individuals. I highly recommend and am thankful I found this healing modality through Jade. Blessings.

Gemma, 28, actress

I broke my hip five years ago which has always been a weakness and limited my body capacity in doing sports. Jade diagnosed that my pelvis was misaligned and she worked on these injuries over several sessions. Jade taught me some stretches and yoga techniques as well as meditations to help me process my emotions and I now can run, practice sports and do yoga with no problems.

Elea May, 22, musician

I qualified as a Bowen Therapist in 2014 through Bowtech Training, the original Bowen Organisation set up by Oswald and Elaine Rentsch, the only people to be trained directly by Tom Bowen. I have since completed Module 8.  I am a member of the Bowen Association and  insured by BGI.