Chi Kung

What is Chi Kung?

Chi Kung is the Chinese practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and martial arts training.  It can refer to any practice that works with energy and is a diverse term.  Although the term, meaning chi work or skill, has much more recent origins, the practices goes back millennia and people sought to cultivate chi through standing practices, body alignment and breathing, as well as breast or testicle massage to balance the endocrine system or even the action of tapping the teeth together to promote gum health.

Alchemical Chi Kung

Alchemy is transformation and alchemical chi kung is about optimising your use of energy to transform into an energised and connected being in good health. Alchemical chi kung includes techniques to:

  • Improve the digestion by increasing the production of digestive enzymes
  • Strengthen the teeth and gums
  • Open the flow of spinal fluid
  • Increase the oxygen ratio in the blood
  • Increase the production of glucosamine for the joints
  • Activate and balance the hormones

You can learn to spiral your chi around your organs, energising each organ, and around your bones, making them stronger and increasing the effective operation of your bone marrow.

You can learn to activate your endocrine system to enhance bodily functions, energy levels and to reverse cell degeneration by sending excess energy otherwise wasted on the production of sexual hormones back to the other glands using simple self massage techniques.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Iron Shirt Chi Kung is about developing the most effective use of your structure to allow chi flow. This realigns your spine and skeleton, eliminating pains discomfort.  In chi kung you learn to stand in such a way that chi flow up your spine is optimised, and a connection with terrestrial (magnetic) and cosmic (electric) energy is established so that the body eliminate any energy that does not serve it, and can be charged from the electro-magnetic energy created. This energises and strengthens your muscles and organs and allows you to tap into cosmic and terrestrials chi sources much more easily.

It is an invaluable skill for anyone, but I find myself as a practitioner it allows me to channel my patients unwanted energies that they are clearing as part of the healing process into the Earth where they can be transformed. During treatments I connect to source energy, cosmic and terrestrial, and channel this into the patient, meaning that I do not drain my own energy as I am not using it, and also that I am not even using my intention to heal, rather I am allowing the will of the Tao or pure cosmic light to manifest the healing the patient needs, rather than what I intend. This is effective treatment for conditions involving pain and low energy including chronic fatigue.