Five Elements Acupuncture

Five Elements Acupuncture is an ancient system of diagnosis and treatment based around the Taoist system of the Five Elements.  Unlike modern Chinese Acupuncture (TCM) which diagnoses and treats symptoms in a way similar to western medicine, Five Elements Acupuncture seeks to balance the patient as a whole unit.  Like in Japanese acupuncture, Five Elements uses a minimal amount of points for their maximum benefit, taking time to diagnose carefully. The practitioner diagnoses by taking the pulse of the patient, monitoring this throughout treatment to ensure the points used are having the desired effect. The aim of the treatment is to balance the energy of the patient to allow the body to heal itself.  This is referred to as 'treating the spirit' and is a perfect way to restore balance in our bodies in the hectic London living.

Clearing Blocks

The first stage of Five Elements is to diagnose and clear blocks. These takes place on different levels.  Some blocks are on a deep spiritual level where the patient has experienced trauma that has affected their ability to access parts of themselves.  Typical indications of this is a traumatic event, be it a physical or emotional trauma, that leaves the patient feeling that things are not the same anymore, often with accompanying symptoms and inability to heal.  Other blocks include negative energy blocking the organs, imbalance of yin and yang, and blockages in and between the acupucnture meridians.

Balancing the Five Elements

The understanding of the interactions of the Five Elements in nature and the interpretation of this into an understanding of the human body is the basis of both Taoist Alchemy and Oriental Medicine (check out my page about this for more details). Treating at the level of the Five Elements is a deep level to treat at which goes directly to the soul and restores balance to the aspects of the emotions.

The level of the Five Elements is the level of the manifestation of the emotions and the diagnosis at this level is largely based around the emotional constitution of the patient.  The patient is diagnosed as having one constitutional element, our place of comfort that we habitually return to. This is a deep spiritual relationship and we all have one element that we are connected with in a special way since birth. One way of describing this, is that everyone tends to have an emotional state they feel comfortable in.  It might be joy, compassion, or fear, anger or sadness, to mention a few.  We all know people who are chronic worriers and can't be content without something to worry about, or people who are excessively joyful which may alternate with depression. 

These emotional manifestations represent the health of our organs on a physical and energetic level, and where we spend the most time emotionally is our element.  In Five Elements acupuncture, all your emotions are accepted without judgement because they are scene as manifestations of the energy of the organs.  When treatment rebalances the organs, these emotions also become more balanced. Then we really feel that we are in our element. Taoist meditation has a similar effect, and is a powerful tool to learn to balance your emotions and master your universe.


"I went to Jade for some acupuncture at a time when I was having a difficult emotional experience, my lifestyle was unbalanced and I was having accumulated headaches. Jade felt my pulse and diagnosed a blockage which she treated with gentle acupuncture needling technique. She is a skilled professional and generous and always targets the problem you have with the different techniques that she knows. After the treatment the headaches went away. As part of the session she taught me a meditation technique to circulate the energy in my body and stop it getting stuck in my head., and thanks to this, when the pressure starts to build in my head, I know how to heal myself and release it."

Elea May, 22, musician

Such a lovely experience and great to be able to organise some appointments around my busy work schedule, which Jade was very flexible and accommodating with. I felt very comfortable with Jade and able to talk in the brief time I had for the session. She was gentle and the treatments was painless. After I felt rebalanced, more energy and could sleep much better so the time was well spent.

Sophie Lyscanesko, 28, Building Manager

My passion for Oriental Culture and it's understanding of Health has taken me from studying acupuncture to learning Chi Kung and Taoist Alchemical practices.  Now I am an instructor of Taoist Inner Alchemy Practices and Chi Kung and this has vastly increased my understanding of the human body on a physical and energetic level.  I understand my clients needs both on a deep spiritual level and on the physical, and often recommend Chi Kung and meditation exercises to involve the patient in their own healing. 

I understand the health of a patient as being deeply connected to their destiny. We enter this world innocent and perfect and come into a state of shock and disconnection which weakens our energy flow and is the beginning of dis-ease.  Returning to a state of health, balance and energetic flow is about re-establishing connection within ourselves to our original destiny.  When we are balanced everything flows around us and we find reaching our goals comes naturally.  My aim for my patients is to reconnect them with their true selves, purpose and potential so that their world flows in harmony around them. 

I studied Five Elements Acupuncture at the College of Traditional Acupuncture (now the Acupuncture Academy) which is the school set up by J R Worsley when he returned to England from China.  I have licentiate in Acupuncture (Lic Ac) and Degree from Oxford Brooks University (BA 2:1).  I am insured by BGI Insurance.