Healing Love: Dual Cultivation

Awakening Love the Taoist Way

Foreplay is an essential part of making love that should be carried on for as long as possible.  In particular, with a new partner, enjoying and appreciating the time you spend together before you first make love is a valuable experience. Taoist techniques of foreplay use knowledge of the meridians within the body to awaken the energy flow, in particular the Heart energy. The Heart energy needs to be connected to the sexual energy for the sexual energy to flow through the body, otherwise the energy remains stuck in the genitals and results in frustration. Taoists understand how the energy flows through the meridians and have techniques for activating this.

Understanding the Goddess

Sexually speaking, women require unique attention to be able to fully experience love and intimacy that is quite different from the attention that Hollywood and the porn industry promote. Women operate on a different frequency than men (Heart/emotions)and Taoism stresses the importance of understanding this as well as being in touch with your own divine feminine if you want to be a good lover. It is essential to stimulate the female sexual area with hands and the mouth for a long period before starting to make love to open the gate. Love making should not be entered into abruptly and without full respect for it's spiritual nature as this causes blockages and numbness in the yoni.  The penis can be rubbed on the outside of the vagina at length to relax and prepare the 'jade gate' which should only be entered once the reflex to suck in the penis is felt in the yoni. Physiologically, women are far more complex than men. A woman has nine nerves going to her yoni while a man only has one. Rough sexual encounters entered into without the body being ready affect women psychologically. Women need beauty and sensitivity to open and enjoy the full pleasure of their sexual experience. For a man, this is what will also give you the best experience. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Taoist Love Making

Taoists recommend making love in many different positions, each one specifically prescribed to remedy certain conditions. The classic Taoist method of penetration is to use shallow penetrations and to do this slowly.  When you slow down and feel into the love making process you develop new sensitivity.  The womans vagina will involuntarily grab at the penis and it is intensely pleasurable for both partners.  Once the energy bodies are activated through meditational practices, during lovemaking the energy will flow rapidly bringing a euphoric feeling and spreading orgasmic energy around the body.

The essential practice of Taoist love making is to circulate energies together. The yin and yang compliment each other and can be used to heal the body in many ways. When you have worked to cultivate your own energy and your partner cultivates theirs,  you can begin cultivation with your partner. Making sure that your energy is in a harmonious state and your vibrations compatible and in tune with each other will make an optimum state for this practice. Whilst making love you can combine your energies, balancing out yin and yang and experiencing new dimensions of sensation and spiritual connection.

Taoist manuals often called 'Bedroom Secrets' book would detail intricate methods of love making. This would be characterised by a method of using extensive foreplay to activate the meridians and energy flow for optimum experience. Much time was spent on the art of foreplay and fingers and tongues were trained to a fine art. Love was a science, not something to be entered into thoughtlessly.

One of the main characteristic of Taoist foreplay would be to use plenty of shallow penetration. This was start by connecting the 'jade stalk' with the entrance of the yoni. Plenty of time spent there whilst in a meditative state, feeling into the sensations in the area would increase sensitivity and provide an intense experience. Shallow penetration mixed with deeper thrusts creates a suction effect in the yoni.

Today we can use these techniques to resensitise and detraumatise our sexual organs which have become insensitive through misuse. Retraining your relationship with your sexual self nullifies sexual problems and gives you a new relationship with yourself.

Taoist love making has it's methods but the essential ingredient is connection between the Heart and sexual energy. This is about love. the connection within yourself and between yourself and your beloved, which opens you up to divine connection. It is both a healing and spiritual process, the original spiritual experience, as we reconnect and find our original purpose.

According to Taoist philosophy the orgasmic experience of the woman cannot be created without the yin (woman, cold) reaching yang (masculine, warm). A man, who is yang and becomes hot quickly, can be at the peak of sexual desire, while the women, who is yin, has hardly started to become warm. The Heart must aligned and the connection strong, as passion arises through the amalgamation of the yin and yang. Both man and woman will find ultimate fulfillment in being able to enjoy the intimacy of their partner.

There are many more ways to experience healing love including positions to heal your specific organs and ways to channel energy to the different organs whilst making love.