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Healing Love

My interest in sacred sexuality goes back over two decades. As a teenager I felt confused and unhappy with what was being offered to me, both in the media and by my peers, as sexual experience. I felt strongly that something was missing, not just in terms of physical pleasure, or even in some idea of love that I was seeking after. This lead to my exploration of tantra, but even here I felt that I was coming to a dead end.

My studies of Acupuncture lead me to a new perspective on sexuality. To the ancient Chinese, sex was about health, and more importantly energy, not morals. Whilst many of their teachings are confusing at best, I realised an alchemical secret about the power we all have hidden in ourselves as sexuality. Once I began to tap into that, I found my multi-orgasmic and full body orgasmic potential unleashed. But it was so much more than about physical sensations. It was about a deep connection with my Heart and my love, with the Universal Heart and Universal loving, that is unfolding every day as I go through life, a never ending adventure that took me from viewing sex from the mundane genital experience to a full life experience of energy, love and light. This was my revolution, the grail of my journey. I had discovered ancient secrets to unlock my personal and creative power to manifest what I want in my Universe, and this is what I am passionate about sharing.

Like my teacher Mantak Chia, I believe that the key to the awakening of global consciousness lies in the waking up of the collective consciousness through conscious sexuality work. Sexuality is sacred, it is the deepest religion, the original religion, and it has been disrespected in every way possible, first by religion that tried to suppress it, then by the mass media which misrepresented it, turning it into a consumer commodity to be sold to the highest bidder. Conscious sexuality is a beautiful and pleasant experience but it is about so much more than pleasure of physical sex. It's about connection, true connection within yourself, with your beloved and with the divine. This is original the holy trinity, and the experience of the profound meaning of this that can only be understood through the experience of the connection is the alchemical secret to our progress both individually in this world and collectively as soul-spirits on a journey of transcendence.

I teach traditional Taoist Sexual Alchemy and healing love practices as part of the energy practices of chi kung. I am certified as an instructor of Universal Tao Healing Love practices by Mantak Chia. I am a Certified Tantric Journey Educator and have over 10 years experience of practicing and studying tantra.


I teach private and discreet sessions of Sexual Alchemy for singles and couples and am available for Skype consultations: