Holistic Therapies

My Story

I came into the world of Taoism and Chi Kung whilst studying for a degree in acupuncture at the College of Traditional Acupuncture in Warwick.  There I learned Traditional Five Elements Acupuncture, an ancient system that uses the Taoist principle of restoring the balance of the system of the Five Elements in the patient.  I started the course unsure of what to expect and found here that the focus was on treating the spirit and returning the patient to their path of destiny. At first this seemed like a vague concept to me, but then I realised, sometimes we just feel great, sometimes we don't, sometimes our eyes sparkle, and that is our spirit or shen. When we are on or path of destiny we are in balance and everything falls into place around us. It can't be scientifically proven but we all know it. The purpose of therapeutic treatment is to realign our bodies whether physically or energetically so that our bodies to overcome the vibrations of past traumas and realign ourselves with our destiny, so are in the best position to heal itself.

Massaging filmmaker Stephan Neilson for a documentary about Tantric Bodywork.  For full version click here

I use this knowledge, both ancient and modern science, in combination with my experience on my own healing journey, which has given me a unique insight into the path of healing we all take. A shaman is a person who has been sick and found the true path to overcome sickness and now can share it with others. I understand healing on the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual level and as well as being a practitioner can advise my clients on how to influence and master these areas of their lives for themselves, taking back control of their own healing. My experience with tantra, chi kung and meditation give me a unique insight into how we can take simple steps to catalyst your healing by taking the power of into our own hands and becoming the masters of our own Universe.

What my clients say about me:

I have been working with Jade for over 1 year now (Bowen Technique and Five Elements Acupuncture) and can honestly say that she is the first person I contact whenever I am feeling ungrounded or off centre and feel the need for healing and alignment. Eight years ago I was hospitalised after being bitten by a spider in India and have spent the time since then deeply studying a wide range of therapies and healing modalities and now work in holistic health myself. My health journey has continually taught me about the need to tend to anything in myself that is resisting or denying a particular emotion and releasing it with awareness and forgiveness. In these overly emotional times I often get stuck in a fight or flight stress response. Often seeing Jade for Bowen Therapy has enabled my nervous system to reset itself and come to a place of calm and belonging. I also feel that healing my childhood trauma with an awareness to speak to my inner child and establish his needs has been an essential part of my journey. This is something I feel very comfortable sharing with Jade about as I know she has experience with a similar healing journey herself. I feel Jade has a special intuitive gift and draws her wisdom from a place of emotional sensitivity and yet a simple direct approach. I highly recommend her.
Boris, 39, naturopath

'Oh my God, Oh My God, you are awesome. There are no words to describe what I went through today. Simply unbelievable.'

Angelo, 37, accountant


Traditional Five Elements Acupuncture

An ancient system of energy work that clears blockages, awakens energy and leaves you feeling in your element. Find balance and harmony within yourself and watch as patterns of imbalance fade away, taking with them unwanted symptoms.


Bowen Technique

Gentle and deeply relaxing musculo-skeletal re-alignment that allows your body to heal by putting your autonomic nervous system out of 'flight or fight' and ento 'relax and enjoy' mode where healing can take place.

Taoist & Tantric Bodywork: Emotional Detox

This deep healing experience involves a whole body massage which removes emotional toxins through deep massage and then awakens the energetic flow through touch. 

Chi Nei Tsang & Kar Sai Nei Tsang

Deep massage of the abdomen and pelvis to revitalise and clear blockages in the organs and clear stagnation in the blood vessels and lymph system.

Ajna Light: Journey into Meditation

Ajna Light is designed as an alternative approach to therapies and a thrilling gateway tool for guiding explorations of consciousness.

The light uses powerful dynamic neural stimulating brainwave technology to help induce altered states of consciousness which is known to be quick and effective, making the Ajna Light a breakthrough tool for meditation.

The development of the light is based off therapeutic applications within the biofeed back field on the clinical observations of the brain’s electrical activity or state change following a responsive frequency resonances of light & sound stimulus.

Healing Ourselves

At the time I learned acupuncture I practiced yoga regularly and understood the benefits at least in terms of feeling better in myself after treatment, but I didn't realise that in some way I was also realigning my meridians, the same as an acupuncture treatment accomplished.  When I discovered chi kung exercises, which are specifically designed to open the flow in the meridians, I felt a powerful flow of energy that I had never felt before.  I realised how much I could heal myself, and also noticed that my patients doing a practice would heal much more quickly.  Now I recommend practices to all my clients.  Whilst it's preferable to heal ourselves through practices, often we are stuck in certain points and therapies can help us to undo the damage that has been done by years of living out of harmony with nature.

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