Immortal Sisters Practices

Taoist Self Care

Self massage is an important way to clear toxins out of the body.  Any part of the body that aches should be massaged and moved, and areas with lymph (underarms, breasts and groin in particular) should regularly be massaged to stop the build up of toxins which can lead to dis-ease.  Taoist self massage of breasts and the ovaries balance your endocrine system which is effective at eliminating menstrual symptoms such as tiredness, cramping and mood swings, and reduces menstrual flow.  This is a part of what is termed the 'immortality practices' because when you divert the hormones that otherwise are going unused in your breasts (when you are not becoming pregnant) to the other glands, which become enlivened and start to work again as they did when you were younger.  This literally reverses cell degeneration and is why practitioners of Taoist Alchemy look so young and healthy.

Sexual Energy as a Spiritual and Creative Force

Sexual energy is a much misunderstood force that is surrounded in guilt and shame.  When we are disconnected from it's true purpose, it stagnates and becomes toxic.  When we learn to channel and harness our sexual energy as a healing and spiritual force, it becomes an enormous source of creative power in our lives that enables us to manifest and create what we want to with a clear vision.  

You can learn to use it to heal yourself and rejuvenate your body from the cellular level, rewriting cellular memory of trauma which can be blocking our progress, with memories of happy and beautiful experiences. This is done by spreading love energy and sexual energy around the body where instead of being stuck and stagnating causing frustration, it becomes and rejuvenating force of power and light. Combining the energy of love from the Heart with the energy of orgasm vibrates the cells, healing them on the quantum level, rejuvenating and revitalising the whole body. You can allow your inner beauty and radiance to shine forth into the world as a beautiful and transcendent soul, full of spiritual sexual creative energy.

Jade Egg practices

The Jade Egg is an ancient ritual of sacred feminine healing.  The egg is used to clear traumas from the yoni and to reconnect our Heart energy with our sexual energy. Jade is a symbol of serenity and purity. It signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility. It increases love and nurturing. It is also a protective stone, that brings harmony.  

The practice allows us to connect with the power of the jade egg to heal the yoni by eliminating and releasing traumas.  The egg massages reflex zones that relate to the 10 organs, releasing traumas, memories and emotions that can be stuck there, blocking and numbing our sexual, creative and spiritual potential. 

This allows us to experience ourselves in a state of enhanced being, free of traumas and blocks, with a pure sexual-spiritual energy, where our energy can flow naturally around our bodies.  Once trauma and blockages have been release from the body and our energy is flowing, instead of pain and numbness we experience pleasure and connection and are open to the potential for full body orgasmic experiences.