Immortal Sisters


Women Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow

This page is dedicated to all women on the path of self discovery, seeking whatever answers they hope to find.  It is dedicated also to the divine feminine in everyone, and in respectful remembrance of the last five thousand years of oppression of the divine feminine and the suffering this has caused to children, women and men worldwide.  

When I think about being a woman, and the strange dichotomy and levels of conflict that exist between man and woman on this planet at this time, I remember the bodhisattva Tara who is a tantric deity revered by the Tibetans as the guardian of all women.  She promised to always reincarnate as a woman to help other women because she knew that being a woman would always be so difficult.  

Many times in my past I have been overwhelmed with feelings of inferiority for my gender.  I have resented it and cursed my femininity.  I have experienced the negativity women can be subjected to, the feeling that nothing we do is good enough, that however we look it will not be beautiful enough, that we are not capable, that we are there as tools for men in a male world, as sex objects for them to help themselves to when they feel, pick up, play with and discard like a toy.  

Women bear a heavy weight in society, and often bear the blame when things go wrong.  It is easy to feel negative and weighed down under this pressure, feeling that through nature or conditioning we submit to a degrading position in society with our niceness.  It is easy to be overwhelmed by frustration, worry, fear, anger and sadness and feeling under the power of these emotions is not empowering.  But through my spiritual development and Taoist practice I found away to transcend all these attachments.

Working through all these feelings were an important part of my spiritual development.  I suffered as we all do but I always knew I would have to pick up the pieces and persevere, no matter how painful.  When things got so horrific I did not know what else to do I sat down and seriously began to practice inner alchemy, to meditate and cultivate chi.  I was in so much pain, conflict over my femininity and nature as a woman.  

I practiced and at times I did not even know why and slowly things started to change.  As my body became more in balance and my energy activated, instead of feeling like what I could almost describe as a cardboard cut out overwhelmed by emotions, my body came to life.  

I began to realise as a woman I had so much potential.  I began to experience my body in a totally new way and begin to love it for what it was, an instrument of knowledge, of beauty and pleasure, something to enhance my experience of life not to imprison me.  Taoism can't take your problems away but it can give us strength by literally restoring our bodies to balance, and that makes all the difference.  

Dealing with the problems of life when in a position to handle it is essential.  Now, I am no longer a victim, I am a goddess with power and what streams from me is divine.  I have autonomy over my own existence, my spirituality and my pleasure.  

This is divine and it is within the reach of every soul here on Earth.