Traditional Taoism

Ancient knowledge and traditions reflecting the inherent knowledge we all have inside, waiting to be accessed.  Taoism is a tradition that goes back beyond recorded history to a time when people were in touch with their own enrgy and the energy of nature around them that manifested as the five elements.  Taoism is a way of living in harmony with nature: by understanding the forces of nature around us we can take the path of least resistance thereby extending our lives by conserving energy and also learning from what is manifesting around us.  Taoism is not a religion and, although there are various legends around it involving the Eight Immortals and other interesting characters, demonstrating aspects of ourselves and also the untapped potential within that we rarely access, but it does not require any theological dogma or belief, rather we are encouraged to follow our own spiritual path that is true to our destiny.  The meditations and exercises that form part of Taoist practice realign your energy, there by putting you in the most healthy and balanced space to make your own decisions.


Universal Healing Tao

An ancient system of wisdom and integrity adapted for a modern world, the UHT system provides a framework to develop yourself physically, energetically and spiritually.  The system starts by teaching the student to develop the power of their mind to focus and heal their organs and body by learning to understand the energetic vibrations of emotions and mastering the ability to influence this.  From this point you can start to work with your energy circuits (the same used in acupuncture) and to move your energy around your body, clearing away stagnation that leads to pain and disease.  Iron Shirt Chi Kung enables us to connect into cosmic and terrestrial energy (electromagnetic energy) and to charge ourselves, increasing our energy levels and eliminating energy that is not helpful.  Healing Love practices give us a whole new understanding of ourselves as sexual and spiritual beings and allow us to reach new depths of our spiritual experience whilst improving our health and vitality.


grand master Mantak Chia

Master of Chi and teacher who has spent his life studying spiritual traditions to discover the true nature of being human.  He learnt most of his knowledge first hand from 4 Taoist Masters of direct Lineage going back thousands of years, as well as from Tibetan Buddhists.  He has developed a system that is easily accessible to western people, but still contains all the elements of Taoist practice.  It's a path you start by developing virtue, which is the fundamental of any spiritual or energetic practice, and then follow deeper, unfolding what is essentially knowledge contained in our DNA that we have lost the ability to connect with.  Master Chia refers to it as returning to your original programming.  Master Chia has no problem with students studying other spiritual paths such as yoga or other tai chi teachers, Christianity or Islam, as these practices compliment his teachings which are ultimately about enabling you to connect with your ultimate energetic vibrations and find your path and destiny.