Inner Alchemy

The Path of Taoism

Taoism is a diverse cultural heritage, practiced in many different ways by different people and groups over the millennia.  Each persons path is unique and to claim to prescribe a sole formula for health or spiritual development would be erroneous.  The path described here is one that works and contains all the elements of developing virtue, learning to circulate chi, physical movement, learning to use and realign structure, self healing and transforming sexual energy for spiritual development.  Please feel free to read as widely as you can on the topic, don't just listen to me.  All these secrets here are in your DNA already, you just need to stop, look inside and you will find all the information there.  Just remember, you are your own guru, your own master.  A taoist realises all the answers are within.  There might be teachers along the way but a taoist only pays a passing due respect to any master or teacher.  There is no space for master worship or idolatry in taoism.  The real master is ourselves and these are just exercises to help you unlock your power and control your own time and space.

Harmonising your Emotions

When you live in harmony with your emotions you are on the path to becoming master of your own destiny and learning to control your own time and space to manifest what you need.  Learning to understand how the emotions work is the key to this.

Activating your Chi

Your chi is there to nourish your body so that your body functions well and you feel good.  When it starts to stagnate your body becomes painful and stiff, and is difficult to use. Use your chi as a tool to heal yourself so that your body becomes strong and vital again.

Understanding Your Emotions

The Five Elements

Taoists seek to live in harmony with nature and the cycle of the  Five Elements is a key to understanding this harmonic relationship. They observed the interaction of the Five Elements in nature and found that same interaction in the human body and codified it into a cycle which is the basis of acupuncture treatments today. They understood the organs as functioning in pairs and that each of these pairs resonated with a certain element. They observed that certain emotions vibrated in each organ and that a balance of these emotions was essential for physical, mental and spiritual health.

The Elements and the Organs

Each  element manifests in one of the organs which work together in pairs, with a similar relationship to the other elements as in nature.  The outer cycle is the nourishing cycle: Water feeds wood, wood feeds fire,  fire feeds earth, earth feeds metal, and metal feeds water.  So the Kidneys 'feed' the Liver and so on.  The inner cycle is the controlling cycle with water controlling fire, fire controlling metal and so on. So the Kidneys control the Heart, but like  all relationships these needs to be balanced.

The Elements and the Emotions

Your  emotions resonate and reside with certain organs.  Virtuous and  positive emotions can be passed around the nourishing cycle to increase  energy in the organs.  Negative emotions can get stuck in the organs and  block their energetic function, negative emotions will grow very  quickly if your energy is low.

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