Jade Egg

YONI is the sacred sanskrit word for the vagina, cervix, womb and ovaries.
Jade Egg is an ancient Taoist women's practice from China.  The egg is known because the practice strengthens the muscles in the vagina, and yet it is so much more than a vaginal weightlifting device.
In a world where it's so easy for women to become disembodied, the Jade Egg practice can bring us right into the core of our being.  Because we have to focus intensely on the muscles in the yoni, connecting with muscles we may have forgotten were even there, we have to really come into the centre of our bodies and be present there.
Because of social conditioning which often separates us from our sexuality, we can become very disconnected from our sexual organs.  Perhaps this is the reason why cancer of the sexual organs are the most common forms.  Using a Jade Egg means stepping into our internal Universe.
Our yonis are like caves holding lots of information (DNA), ancestral information, wisdom and knowledge that is handed from womb to womb through the generations.  Entering this cave is a deep experience that can involve confronting traumas from the past which may be hidden deep within our bodies.  These demons may seem forgotten (old traumas) but they will block us until we face and release them.  The Jade Egg practice can enable us to do this.
Often we live in our heads and can be lured into the idea that the answers lie in the brain, but out bodies hold so much truth.  For women, our wombs hold the answers to so many questions and we are incredibly lucky to have this resource. It carries the wisdom of countless generations handed down from our female ancestors. Yet separating from our wombs and our sexuality has lead us to lose this power and fall victim to patriarchy.
Taoism is the only religion I know that recognises women to be spiritually and energetically stronger than men and one of the main reasons for this is our wombs. When we connect with these powerhouses of wisdom and strength we can truly step into our power as women, enabling not just ourselves but our loved ones and the whole world to prosper.
Women tend to carry enormous amounts of information in their bodies.  Currenlty a lot of the information we hold is trauma imprints.  Because of this we have come to identify as victims. Taoists see this as energy that can be transformed to give us enormous strength. When we reprogramme the energy of victim identity we can take our weaknesses and turn them into strengths. This is the basis of martial arts.
The Jade Egg can take us on a journey into a deep and ancient cave. This cave is our yoni. It holds the wisdom of our ancestors, our DNA and inherited knowledge. Once we tap into this, finding our path and manifesting our destiny flows with ease.

Jade Egg Workshops

I am a certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor and regularly attend Mantak Chia's workshops to keep my knowledge as advanced as possible.  Mantak Chia is famous for bringing the Jade Egg practice to western women and the women who trained with him are the best teachers in the world.  I teach the workshops with Hayley Cutler who is also a UHT instructor with background as a bodyworker and kundalini yoga teacher.
My teaching of Jade Egg practice is influenced by my work as a tantra educator and bodyworker and working with women's bodies through yoni massage as well as my experience as a UHT instructor.  The Taoist practices that surround the use of the egg are essential to get the maximum benefit from the practice.

In our 2 day workshops we teach:

Simple techniques to understand and balance your emotions for better mental and physical health

How to understand and activate your chi flow

How to use your tendons and structure to become incredibly strong without needing to use muscle

How to channel negative energy into the ground as well as how to charge yourself from the energy in your environment

How to transform your hormones into a powerful energy that you can use to heal yourself

I teach about sexual reflexology zones and how to use these

Simple self massage techniques that eliminate period pains, PMT and heavy menstruation

How to reacitvate the muscles of the vagina

How to increase your sensitivity and orgasmic experience

As well as how to move the Jade Egg inside your yoni

The workshops take place in a supportive and nurturing environment where we hold scared space for women to process their experiences as women and their sexuality.  We take you through a deep journey of healing an self-understanding as we guide you through these techniques.  As you learn to understand your emotions and see that they are just a tool, not something that need control you, you can step into your power because you learn how to master your own time and space.  Emotions no longer need to control you.

Learning to activate our energy and work with the flow is like learning magic.  Actually it is learning magic!  It's a fun and exhilirating experience that increases energy levels and does wonder for our health.  It's like learning to give yourself acupuncture with your mind.

These practices are a gift for life.  It's an enjoyable thing to do that makes you feel more alive and full of energy.  Because the practices balance hormones  they also have a rejuvenating effect on the endocrine system and make you look and feel younger.

For more information about upcoming workshops:

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