Karma is Complicated

Karma is a very complicated topic that is easily misunderstood by western people with their Judeo-Christian mindsets.  It is a concept to help us deal with and understand our own personal lives.  I don't think the idea of a God sitting up in Heaven waiting to strike people down for wrong doings has anything to do with Karma. Karma is about the energy we create in our lives. It's all well and good to help an old lady cross the road but if you act badly with your nearest and dearest and the same time, do you have good karma?  Yes a good deed is a good thing but if you do it to take away your guilt about other wrong doings and not dealing with the situation where you know you are doing wrong, it is of little good.

Karma Misunderstood

Karma is not about looking at other peoples actions, judging them, or hoping and wishing bad things upon others.  This sort of mentality will only hurt your own karma.

Karma is a tool to help us

We all have a moral duty to be the best person that we can be.  As well as opening doors for old ladies we need to work to improve ourselves on a spiritual level.

Taoism and Karma



Cultivating virtue energy

The word Karma is from the vedic tradition in India.  The Taoists who are from China would speak of the importance of cultivating virtue energy.  This is the first step in any of their practices. This is why it is important to practice the Inner Smile Meditation and Six Healing Sounds to balance your emotions. If you don't, as you increase your chi with other practices, you risk amplifying negative emotions. To find out more about exercises to cultivate virtue click here



Taoism is non-judgmental

Taoism is non judgmental in the sense that if a person is angry, rather than judge their anger as is common in our society, the attention is to the cause of the anger, which would be an imbalance in the Liver.  This would be viewed as an issue to be dealt with by an acupuncturist or better still, through Inner Alchemy meditation.  Anyone can feel anger, but it is our choice what to do with it.  If you vent it at others causing harm, this will create a certain karma.  If you realise you have a problem and seek treatment, that is good karma because you are making an effort to improve yourself. If you learn Inner Alchemy and transform your emotions and your personal energy for the better, that is the best karma and you will reap the rewards because you will be in control of your life, your time and space.

Creating Balance

A well balanced person will act in the right way.  Sometimes we are out of balance, maybe it's an effort to do anything right.  When we get ourselves into a state of balance everything will fall into place around us easily.  That is good Karma that we have created.  Mantak Chia says that there is no point in trying to save others or the world before getting your own body into balance.  When you are balanced, full of virtue energy and Love, this will overflow into the world around you and this is the only way to effect positive change.

PastLife Karma


Does this exist?

I include this section to share my own experience. I do not think past life karma is something to obsess or worry about.  If you cultivate virtue with an honest and decent Heart you will not go wrong.

In the past I vehemently denied the idea that anyone could be responsible in this life for something they did in a past life. My first encounter with this was when I met a couple of incredibly compassionate and amazing healers. I heard they were so wonderful because they were seeking to make amends for past life karma.  I just took this for what it was but didn't consider it too much.  These people told me things about my own past lives but I was not sure how to take it, although I kept a general open mind on this issue. 

How I discovered my past life Karma

I was going through a period of intense suffering and struggling to deal with abuse I had suffered as a child.  At this point I had been learning Falun Gong.  The instructor explained that we all choose to come into these situations we experience in life as spirits before birth because this is how we develop virtue energy that we can take with us to other planes of existence after death.  She said we come to this place of existence in ignorance to develop virtue energy.  The more we suffer the more virtue we can have a chance to develop.  

Clearing my Karma by Cultivating Virtue

This made a lot of sense to me, and through the practice I started to cultivate compassion, perseverance and truthfulness. This enabled me to began to work through karmic issues from my past, which suddenly started to come up.  I had been very stuck in certain areas and suddenly was brought quite magically and unexpectedly to a kinesiologist who was able to clear a past life blockage in a chakra which enabled me to move on with my life.  I was also reunited with my soul twin as a result of the experience which I am eternally grateful for.

Suffering is about how we deal with it

I had a partner who had suffered very similar to me. He does not talk much about this kind of thing, and he is someone who has suffered terribly in his life.  I see his suffering but also that he has made a choice, despite his handicap, to be the best person he can be. Despite his imperfections, he is the most decent person I ever met. We have all suffered and undeniably trauma does effect us. But using our suffering as an excuse to behave in unacceptable ways and not to make an effort in our lives is just bad karma and there is no escaping that. 

Working through your Karma pays

After I worked through these karmic issues, a lot of things changed in my life, including physical health problems. My energy levels rose and I felt free and good in myself.  I don't look at it as being that I was suffering for doing wrong in a past life, I view my experience as a opportunity to become a better person and now realise that I was blessed for my experiences and because of them I am able to experience amazing beautiful things that I know other people don't even have a taste of. 

Don't worry about past life Karma

We have enough information in this life to work with for unraveling our journeys.  I would not recommend worrying about past life karma or seeing psychics for stories about past lives.  It is not relevant for most people most of the time.  It was not relevant for me but when it became relevant it was revealed to me.  I think if you believe in karma you can also trust the Universe to take you to the healing that you need, and we all need healing. Also, the concept of karma is no excuse to tolerate abuse or turn a blind eye to suffering. Whatever their karma, children are innocent and deserve to be treated in the best possible way so that as adults they can sort out their karmic issues. We are by nature compassionate beings and must not lose sight of that.

This is my experience.  I share it our of interest, but we all have unique journeys and if this does not resonate with you, don't worry.


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