Sexual Alchemy Coaching

Embarking on the journey of Sexual Alchemy is a liberating journey of spiritual exploration. The practices are good for the health in a way beyond normal fitness practices because they actually heal the body on a deep cellular level. As well as being healthy they are highly enjoyable and give the practitioner an added degree of confidence as well as increased ability to be loving and connect with others.

Healing with Sexual Alchemy

An essential first step on our journey of alchemy is to heal our traumas and renew our relationship with our true self. Taoist meditation to learn to balance our relationship with our emotions and activate our energy flow can be a useful tool in this process, as can therapies, including Emotional detox through Bodywork, a Taoist and Tantric bodywork system which works by removing traumas from the body and activating the flow of energy to enhance your life experience. Five Elements Acupuncture also can remove vibrations of trauma and clear out negative energies and remove blockages.

Whilst Sexual Alchemy is a healing tool for anyone, there are specific conditions that it can help with:

  • Recovering from rape and sexual abuse: Sexual Alchemy redefines our relationship with our sexuality by opening the connection between our Heart and our sexual energy, bring loving connection into our sexual experiences. When we move from a mundane to a spiritual relationship with our sexuality feelings of shame, guilt, self disgust, resentment towards selves as a sexual being and frustration can be transformed into self acceptance, love and respect as we begin to see the healing and spiritual function of our sexual energy. This can allow the pain of sexual abuse to dissipate and be transformed into love.
  • Genital Mutilation: FGM is finally being recognised as the damaging and abusive practice that it is. Because Sexual Alchemy works by activating the energy in the area as well as removing trauma through meditation, it can bring the area back to sensitivity.  The clitoris is an enormous organ that is impossible to remove, only the surface is cut, and so an enormous amount of sensitivity can be restored to the area. Yoni massage is also a useful tool for this.
  • Men can also suffer after circumcision, and the area cut on men is the reflex zone of the Heart. Sexual Alchemy and lingham massage can reestablish the Heart connection and heal the vibrations of the trauma.
  • Pornography addiction and excessive masturbation: Taoism has no problem with active expression of sexuality, in fact it is encouraged to find a healthy relationship with your sexual self. Nothing is considered wrong in itself if it does not cause harm, but sexual experience is considered to be an energetic experience and so it is recommended to look within and experience the energy rather than to be externally stimulated by a film, which is thought to be drain of energy. Also, while self cultivation practices to experience and utilise energy is encouraged, loss of jing (ejaculation) is discouraged. Taoism teaches specific techniques to reroute the energy up to the brain. The results of this include full body orgasms and increased mental clarity, feelings of increased energy and wellness within yourself and increased confidence. For further help you can try lingham and prostate massage.
  • Anorgasmia: Sexual Alchemy activate the body to become multi orgasmic and full body orgasmic in a short period of time as the energy body is activated.
  • Premature Ejaculation: As negative energy is cleared from the prostate gland and the Heart connection is restored, the need to ejaculate is reduced and replaced by full body orgasmic experiences and prostate orgasms.
  • Impotence: The cause can be psychological or physical. Combine Sexual Alchemy with therapies to increase the flow of energy into the area and overcome psychological blocks.

For Women

As women we are blessed with the most incredible bodies (no matter what size, shape or ethnicity we are, what was once a standard of beauty is being blown out of the water as we all come into our own as enlightened goddesses). Our bodies are so much more than the physical structure, we have energy and spirit bodies and connecting with these to get the optimum from them is an essential part of our experience.

Learning to practice sexual alchemy and cultivate energy on this level is a profound life changing experience. It transforms your experience of yourself both as a spiritual and sexual being. It is about transformation from a mundane experience of sexuality, which can be rife with lack of fulfillment, frustration and the constant need for more stimulation which is never fulfilling, to a fully connected and spiritual experience.

There are many facets of these alchemical practices, and it's essential to master your emotions and chi before stepping into this realm or you risk causing blockages and amplifying negativity.

  • Learn to balance your endocrine system, eliminating menstrual symptoms and heavy menstruation.
  • Learn to move your jing energy (unaroused sexual energy) around your body to use as a tool to heal yourself.
  • Learn to draw aroused sexual energy and orgasmic up your body to spread to your organs and use as a powerful force of self healing.
  • Learn to become multi orgasmic and full body orgasmic.
  • Learn to connect with another being on a new level, connecting your Heart energies in a deeper and meaningful way.
  • Learn to understand yourself and establish the boundaries that you need to thrive.
  • Learn self love and self respect.

For Men

Men are blessed with an abundance of powerful sexual energy, called jing by the ancient Taoists. Men are advised to preserve their jing which means to reduce and even stop ejaculation, rerouting the energy to their brain in a practice known as returning the jing to feed the brain. This is a way to increase your energy levels. Instead of the energy from the ejaculation being lost, it is rerouted around the body, giving and incredible feeling of strength and wellness and enabling full body and multi orgasmic experiences. Jing or sexual energy is a powerful healing tool, and when you learn to channel it around the body you can take it to any area that needs healing and it is a powerful medicine. Taking it to the brain gives a burst of mental clarity.

In order to get to the point where your energy is flowing freely enough to be able to move the jing around the body and so avoid ejaculation, you need to learn to balance and command your emotions through transformation, and to open the microcosmic orbit channel. This is because when you work with sexual energy, you will amplify whatever emotions you have so you must master them first. The microcosmic orbit is the channel to take the jing up your body, and it should be opened before attempting to move jing up this channel. It's also helpful to practice some iron shirt chi kung to learn to ground any negativity into the earth.

The practice is learning to open the route up the spine to move first unaroused sexual energy (hormones) and then to move orgasmic energy in a practice known as the 'Big Draw'. Opening the thrusting channel, which comes with chi kung practice as the lower tan tien is activated and the middle tan tien starts to activate too, is also a way to bring sexual energy up to the Heart.

The connection between the Heart and sexual energy needs to be strongly established as part of this practice. Through this connection, the love energy of the Heart can be combined with orgasmic energy and sent around the body, creating vibrations all over. This has a profoundly healing effect, healing abnormalities of the cells and reversing degeneration.

For Couples

Practicing Sexual Alchemy as a couple is a beautiful way to find connection and to grow spiritually. Sexual Alchemy in any case is about spiritual growth, and when two people have cultivated their energy to a certain level and start to cultivate together, the alchemical magic is amplified as their microcosmic orbits begin to spin together and their yin and yang balances each other. Certain positions and meditations can be used to strengthen certain organs.

Couples new to Sexual Alchemy can also practice together, although meditation and solo practice to learn to become famliar with and work with your won energy is advisable as well to really progress deeply. Taoist sexual practices are quite different from the current western approach to sexuality. Taoist sex involves slow and gentle movements and a lot of shallow penetration which increases the flow of energy and increases sensitivity in the sexual areas. Shallow penetration is an incredibly pleasurable experience. Taoist love making also involves a lot of oral sex and simply sitting in stillness and allowing the energy to flow.

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