Sexual Alchemy for Women

The path of sexual alchemy for women is about opening up to the flow of love and orgasmic vibrations. My journey with sexual alchemy came from a place of sexual trauma, and finding healing through Taoist and Tantric practices. As women our sexual energy is naturally cold, and warming up to the point of orgasm can be hard work. Many women struggle to reach their orgasmic potential, finding the process difficult to grasp and illusive. Trauma and negative emotions literally block our yonis, making them numb and reducing our sensitivity to pleasure because our bodies are trying to block the pain.

Taoist techniques work to open the energy, using meditation techniques and the jade egg. My first experience with real yoni healing was when I learnt a yoni meditation that took me through the reflex zones, literally melting away traumas which I felt evaporate in clouds from my body. I soon began to open up to my orgasmic potential and as I continued with the practices became better acquainted with my body and energy, learned that orgasm was an energy to use to heal myself and to open up to deeper spiritual connection.

Once the clearing began, together with Inner Alchemy practices to remove negative emotions from my body and open my energy flow in my microcosmic orbit, my life began to dramatically change. Pains in my body began to disappear and I started to move with a new fluidity. Instead of being a struggle between pain and stiffness, my body became a conduit for pleasure and enjoyment. Being anorgasmic, I had known that I was missing out on something, I felt shame and confusion, not even knowing what that was. Later I realised how depressed I was with the condition, how the imbalance and blockages caused me anxiety and insomnia. I still am working to clear blockages and find healing, but now I have a technique that has taken me to deep spiritual experiences.

Opening up to our orgasmic potential is a great experience, bringing new experiences of pleasure that enhance our lives. But it is also much more. It opened me up to healing on many levels, but most of all it opened me up to a meaningful spiritual connection. All these things happened on so many levels at once, many different events and realisation weaving like the tantric web together, bringing meaning and fulfillment into my life. Now I feel like me life is on the path of destiny.

Anorgasmia and lack of orgasmic expression are conditions that tends to be ignored by medical professionals who just don't understand it. But it's a debilitating condition, not just because of the lack of pleasure, but because of the implications on society of women being sexually closed. Reaching our orgasmic potential is about us being fully empowered as women. Being empowered as a woman is more about our personal journeys. Th disempowerment of women has global repercussions and when, as individuals, we take this path of deep healing, we are part of a revolution of global liberation that will benefit all of society. Our yonis are a source of incredible energy, and when we learn to tap into this energy, we gain the power to manifest and to control our own time and space.

Jade Eggs

A  jade egg is a stone that is traditionally used to exercise the muscles in the vagina.  It also has huge potential as a healing tool because we can use it to become familiar with the reflex zones in the vagina where trauma is stored. This is so important for women because we store some 80% of our negative emotions in the sexual area including traumas, fears, pain and insults to our feminity.  These traumas can be released through massage with the jade egg.  When the trauma is released the woman will experience increased sensitivity and unleashing of the potential for pleasure, and unexplained blocks in life disappear. Numb areas come back to life. Releasing these emotions will have a huge impact on your emotional well being. I teach Jade egg healing using the reflex zones described in taoism because it is a powerful tool for healing on many levels.  Blocks in our sexual areas manifest in ways we do not understand throughout our lives making us feel confused and powerless. Releasing them holds the key for women to become more powerful in their llives and in the world, and as we open up to experience the power of our sexual energy as a creative and driving force and as this energy starts to assist and strengthen us in our daily lives, our universe transforms and we start to be able to control our own time and space.

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Regulating the Menstrual Cycle

Through practices such as breast massage, ovarian massage and meditation directing energy to the seven glands, women can learn to balance their endocrine system (hormones).  This carries the benefit of eliminating menstrual pain and mood swings associated with that time as well as reducing menstrual flow. It is empowering and healing to take control of a part of our life which has seemed random and beyond our control and associated with so much suffering and has many negative associations such as the shame implied in sanitary product adverts.  I also teach karsai self massage (Taoist massage) to clear the lymph in the sexual area to improve blood flow, fertility and sensitivity as well as prevent diseases such as cancer.

Youthful Radiance Inner Calm

Taoist practices have traditionally been associated with stories of immortality.  This is because, when you start to regulate your hormones, you take on a healthy youthful glow whilst also developing a tranquil serenity.  Taoist woman practitioners tend to have a kind of ageless quality to their appearance and demeanour and live healthy lives into old age and beyond.

Self Cultivation of Energy for Women

Working with hormones and the endocrine system is a large part of Taoist meditation.  Being able to convert hormones which are being wasted (when the woman does not become pregnant each month) into useful raw material for the body and the other glands is part of what is referred to as the practice of the immortal sisters because the activation of the other glands, especially the thymus, reverse cell degeneration.

The main part of this practice is breast massage. Sit with your legs crossed and your heal over the entrance of your yoni (to prevent energy leaking out, you can use a pillow or ball instead of your foot). The massage also serves to clear the lymph in the breast area and prevent tumours. start by generally massaging and feel into your breasts as the hormones are released.  You will feel a pleasant sensation. To massage the breasts for this purpose, rub the hands together and use oil.  Use the three middle fingers to massage in circles around the nipple, avoiding touching the nipple. Go up the middle and out to disperse energy (make breasts smaller and more firm, eliminate lumps) and up the outside, in and down to condense and enlarge the breasts. Repeat in series of 36, up to 360 rotations. As you get into this practice, you can start to send the hormones to your other glands, for example spending one set of 36 send hormones to each gland (pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals and ovaries). You will develop this with practice.

Follow this by massaging the ovaries in both directions 36 times. This continues to release hormones into the body. Follow this with circular massaging over the outer labia of the yoni, 81 times in each direction. This is a reflex zone and activating this area both releases hormones and has a healing effect on the 12 organs. I found this in a book I bought in India which is impossible to get here and have had a profound healing effect from this practice which is referred to as the deer exercise. It releases an incredible amount of energy into the body.  Sometimes this feels orgasmic, sometimes different. The body is releasing what it needs to in order to heal.

To further promote the flow of energy in the body, do the following breathing exercise. Start sitting on a chair, legs shoulder width apart, palms on the knees, feet flat on the floor and spine straight, creating an optimum structure for the flow of energy. Start by stimulating the medulla oblongate (the dip at the top of the neck below the skull) with 36 pushing motions with your middle fingers. Then put your hands on your lap, fingers folded around your thumb to stop energy escaping.

  1. Inhale through the nose for seven seconds, tightening the pelvic floor firmly as you do so.
  2. Retain the breath for seven seconds, keeping the pelvic floor contracted. This balances the yin and yang forces in your body.
  3. Exhale through the mouth for seven seconds, gradually releasing the pelvic floor. This has a thoroughly detoxifying effect on the body.

These exercises have a enormously detoxifying and balancing effect on the whole body. They activate the energy flow. If you do them daily you will have dramatic effect within weeks. They can be used to overcome addiction and insomnia because the bodies just realigns and needs for artificial stimulation of the body just disappears because your energy flow feels so great. It is best to combine this exercise with Inner Alchemy meditation to also balance the emotions.

This is a preliminary practice that prepares the body for meditation and jade egg practice. It balances the hormones and allows you to overcome menstrual symptoms, including pain, tiredness and moods, and reduces your flow, giving you mastery of your body.

When starting jade egg practice it is best to do this from a deep spiritual connection with your yoni and yourself as a woman. Acquaint yourself with your egg, get to know her and form a bond. Feel her energy. Prepare your body with breast and ovarian massage. There are many exercises for strenthening your muscles but the first thing to do is clear negative energy  from your yoni. Much of our negative experiences, ranging from unloving sexual experiences to insults to our femininity and shame or anger  become stored in our yoni and desensitize the area. It is good to first use the reflex zones and yoni meditation to clear these out, so as not to push them further into the body with exercises and weightlifting. I teach this in the women's sacred circles that I organise.

These exercises can serve to bring a healing and spiritual aspect to your self pleasuring routines. Shifts of consciousness occur as we turn our gaze inwards (replacing looking outwards e.g. at porn to looking inwards and observing your body and energy). We start to realise how many different kinds of energy are in our body and how we can effect and change these energies.  It's empowering, taking us from a place of frustration and lust, trying to release pent up energy, to a place of calm and nurturing self mastery.

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