Bespoke Sessions

Every session I give is unique because every individual is unique.  Below is a list of the packages I offer and I tailor these to your individual needs.  Contact me with the form below to see how I can do this.

Taoist Inner Alchemy to understand your feelings and turn your negativity and traumas into your strength:

Session Length: 2 hours

I will open and activate your chakras and teach you to work with these energy centres:

Session Length: 2 hours

Tantric Massage and Taoist Bodywork to Awaken your Sexual Energy and Heal your Traumas

Average length: 4-5 hours

Deep Sexual Healing for Women to release Trauma and open up your Orgasmic Potential

Average Length: 4-5 hours

Learn to heal yourself as you play with your sexual energy, this is a guaranteed cure for porn addiction:

Average length: 1 hour

Tantric and Taoist Foreplay and Love-making to deepen your connection and spice up your love-life:

Average Length: 2-4 hours

Wave goodbye to premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction as you learn to channel sexual energy

Session Length: 2 hours

Eliminate period pain and open up to your orgasmic potential with simple and fun sexercises:

Session Length: 2 hours

A magical tool to transform your relationship with yourself.  Individual Coaching:

Average length: 4 hours

Tantra is for all genders and sexualities.  Learn to use these techniques in your love-making:

Average length: 2-4 hours

I will activate your Energy flow and show you simple techniques to work with your energy:

Session Length: 2 hours

Chi Kung to strengthen your energy, these simple exercises will transform your body, mind and spirit:

Session Length: 2 hours

Contact me for information about private bespoke coaching sessions.


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