Taoism and Health

Taoism is about Health

Taoists have developed a system of exercises that are designed to maximise our health and keep us feeling good into old age.  Maybe we grow old but we don't need to grow sick and weak.  Practices are designed to keep the body healthy.  Taoist understood the body in a scientific way and have a diverse set of practices that are a formula for health.

 Taoism is about Energy

Energy is everywhere and as well as having a physical body we have an energetic body.  This is what acupuncturist treat and in fact acupuncture was developed by the taoists.  Taoist practice is desigend to activate our energy bodies to promote healing inthe same way that an acupuncturist would.  The practices put us in control of our health. 

Taoism is about Pleasure

When we are in balance with our energy bodies active and working, not only are we healthy, but we feel amazing.  We find that we have so much more energy, better use of our bodies and an additiional bonus of the pleasant feeling of energy moving around our body.

Taoism is Virtuous

Cultivating virtue energy is an essential part of taoism.  This is seen as part of creating balance within the body and the world around us.  Taoism holds that without virtue energy your health will suffer and sees negative patterns as a cause of disease.

Taoism is Spiritual

Taoism is a deeply spiritual philosophy.  It does not involve belief in a God or any dogma, rather it is a tool for us to return to our original energetic programming.  Divine connection is understood as energetic connection with the violet light in the Universe.

Taoism is Universal

You don't have to understand taoism to be a taoist because it is about living with the cycles of nature and energetic harmony. Anyone from any religion can be a taoist if they are connected with nature. The simplest practice as gardening is practicing taoism. So is Quantum Physics.