Tantric and Taoist Bodywork: Emotional Detox

Therapists are beginning to understand how traumas can be stored in the body or 'somatised'. These traumas create blockages in the natural flow of energy, causing pain and ill health. This is something that was documented thousands of years ago by Taoists and Tantrists. Removing the blockages is part of the process of healing and reawakening of energy that leads to spiritual connection that can also be referred to as the Tantric Journey or Taoist Path.

Emotional Detox through Bodywork is a form of massage pioneered in London by Mal Weeraratne.  He started his career as a masseur in a beauty salon, and the therapy was originally developed to treat the deep emotional trauma's that Mal was finding in his clients. He noticed that certain clients would burst into tears when touch in certain parts of their bodies, and he began to realise that through the massage he was releasing trauma that they had been storing.  He studied about 15 different modalities of massage with various teachers including Charles Muir and Mantak Chia, and over the years he formulated the Emotional Detox massage.  Mal treats clients from all over the world for trauma, some of whom travel thousands of miles to be treated by him.

What is Emotional Detox?

Emotional Detox is a process of removing traumas and associated negative emotions from the body.  Traumas get stuck in our bodies when we don't process them, for example when we repress our feelings.  Emotional Detox can be done in many ways, for example with the mind, changing your thought processes and language, or with exercises such as meditation, yoga and chi kung.  Emotional Detox bodywork involves massage of the whole body, everywhere where trauma can be stored. The treatment goes into a deep level of removing emotional toxins and blockages through a combination of intense and gentle massage, energy work, breathing, meditation, sound and body movement.  The main ways that the body releases traumas is through exhaling, vocalising sounds and body movement, especially shaking.  Throughout the massage, the patient is instructed to breathe, to make sounds when they feel pain, and to move their body as they feel.  When a body is blocked with trauma and negative emotions, it becomes painful and then an overall numbness and inability to feel pleasure takes over.  The body needs to return to the state of pain, for example through deep tissue massage, and then the patient has a chance to eliminate the blockage through breathing, sound and movement.  Once the traumas and blockages are released, then the body is open for the energy to flow and the patient can experience their body as pleasurable again.

Energetic Awakening

Once the blockages start to release, the energy in the body can start to flow again.  The Emotional Detox massage uses techniques to awaken the upwards flow of energy in the body through the microcosmic orbit and thrusting channel, clearing and opening the chakras.  This is done through a combination of gentle massage, feathering touch, rocking the body, oil massage and energy work. When the energy starts to move, it is a clear physical sensation.  The body can start to jerk as blockages are cleared.  Once the blockages are cleared, the movement of energy is more like a fine vibration as it flows upwards. At this point, the patient starts to feel an intensely pleasurable experience in their body.  It is the feeling of energy activating,  moving and healing.

Taoism, tantra and sexual energy

In a culture where sexuality has traditionally been repressed, the Taoist and Tantric understanding of sexual energy has attracted much attention and fascinated many. Traditionally, to these traditions sex is about health and spirituality, not morals. It's an energy to be used to our advantage for health, enjoyment and spiritual experience.

In a state of stagnation and blockage our sexual energy becomes trapped in our genital area, causing frustration and illness. When blockages are released the energy can flow up the body. This is the key to achieving good health and our natural multi and full body orgasmic state, as well as true spiritual connection. The Taoists focus on spreading the vibrations of orgasm through the whole body and combining them with the loving and compassionate energy of the heart. This combination creates a tangible vibration in the body that heals and rebalances on a cellular level.

In both traditions, sexual energy is a medium for spiritual growth. As it flows upwards, it is transformed into spiritual energy which eventually can lead to environment. This is the alchemical secret of jing, chi and shen, the three treasures of Taoism.

What exactly does the massage involve?

The client can choose massage with clothes on or nude massage.  It is usually suggested that for the first massage, a client books for a two hour clothed session of emotional detox massage.  There can be a tremendous release of blocked energy in this session which can manifest as tears, laughter or shaking of the body.  The environment of the massage is a safe space for the client to release any emotions in any form: sadness, anger, fear, or any other emotions are allowed in a totally non-judgmental space. The patient needs to go back and experience the emotions that they are repressing in order to release them, and this is understood as part of the therapy.

The massage starts with the client being offered a shower to remove negative vibrations from the journey.  This is followed by a short dance to shake and loosen the body and to prepare for the emotional detoxification process of the massage. After this there is a connection ritual and meditation with the practitioner, to set the space for the healing journey and allow the client to relax, and understand the deep journey they are about to enter on.

The massage begins with the patient lying on their front, and the practitioner starts by gently shaking and vibrating the body to open the spine and the flow of energy and spinal fluid to the brain.  This is followed by deep bodywork where the practitioner may use the following techniques at the clients wish: walking on the back, using the knees, elbows or buttocks to deeply massage into areas of emotional trauma.  This is explained to the patient in advance and the patient is asked to specify any areas of the body they do not want to have touched or any techniques they do not wish to have used.  Patient consent is paramount and a detailed consent form allows the patient to choose what they want out of the available techniques.  After the deep massage the practitioner uses energy work similar to reiki or cosmic healing to start to move the energy up the spine.

This is followed by an oil massage on the back to further go into sensitive areas where the body is storing traumas. At all points the client is encouraged to breathe out and make sounds if an area is sensitive, this directs the practitioner to work within the area of sensitivity and not go beyond the clients capacity for pain.  The oil massage is followed by life pulse massage and karsai to open the flow of blood and lymph in the groin area.

The patient is then instructed to turn over.  The massage continues with a detailed massage of the head, opening up the area of the neck and medulla oblongata to allow the energy to flow.  This is followed by Taoist Chi Nei Tsang to remove toxins from the Heart and Lungs in the chest area, and clear lymph in the underarms and breasts.  I combine Chi Nei Tsang massage with Taoist meditation, using sounds to clear the trapped emotions from the organs.  This is followed by Karsai and life pulse massage to clear blockages in the lymph and blood vessels.

My Philosophy

My sessions will take you on a profound journey of healing and exploration into the deepest realms of your reality. I combine Tantric and Taoist bodywork and energetic techniques to release blockages and traumas from deep within your body and allow the energy that is our birthrite to experience to flow, replacing stiffness and pain with a vibrant, fluid and pleasurable body. I use the Taoist technique of cultivating love energy and connecting this with orgasmic energy, sending waves of regenerating ecstatic energy through your body. I use sound healing, breathwork and tantric rituals to reconnect you with your authentic self and enable you to connect with your destiny.
Our sexual energy is an important part of the experience of being human. Sex is a powerful energy that creates life and can be used to heal and to manifest on many levels. Traditionally our culture has feared this power and repressed it, bringing humanity to the brink of destruction. We are living in a time when the sexual empowerment of each individual is essential for the survival of the human race. Our sexual organs are powerhouses of energy which is the source of life and when we utilise this instead of allowing it to stagnate, it transforms our lives.
I came into Tantra and Sexual Alchemy practice from a background of being extremely sexually shut down. I was abused as a child and teenager and was completely anorgasmic as my sexual chakra was blocked. I went through experiencing the confusion of sexual blockage, the shame and embarrassment of not feeling a whole woman. I suffered with anxiety and insomnia and felt lost in terms of my direction in life. My body was stiff and painful, something I had to manage to live with rather than enjoy. Then I discovered Sexual Alchemy and my life changed. Through practicing the meditations I started to feel my energy awakening and moving up my body in pleasurable electrical waves. Before long I went from being anorgasmic to full body multi orgasmic. My pains went away, my body became fluid, and more importantly I began to manifest in my life and finally found the path where my destiny lay. I realised, sex is more than just pleasure. Its the essence of life.
We live in a society that is arguably sex obsessed, but in a way that disconnects people from the true experience of sexual and spiritual connection. Anyone who has been or is sexually blocked knows that it's not just a block of pleasure, it effects every part of your life. I truly believe that if women become sexually empowered, and by this I mean learn to utilise and transform their sexual energy and move it up their body as practiced by the ancients of India and China, most of the social ills of today will simply melt away. The sexual and the spiritual are inseparable. Sexual ecstacy is the pathway to spiritual connection and every religion recognises this. I have experienced this in my own life and am passionate about sharing it with all beings.
My interests in esoteric and sexual healing go back to my teenage years when I started to learn yoga and learn about chakras and natural health. I attained a BA in Chinese Medicine and am a Five Elements Acupuncturist. This opened up my awareness about the mystical and healing qualitites of energy. We are all educated in terms of the mundane and material world, but there is another reality equally important to us, and if we can tap into this, the world of energy, we have magic at our fingertips. This is magic we can use to heal and to manifest creatively and spiritually. My journey through healing modalities has lead to me becoming a Bowen Technique therapist, studying Chi Nei Tsang (with Mantak Chia) Thai Massage and Karsai Nei Tsang (Taoist therepeutic genital massage), as well as Emotional Detox Tantric and Taoist Bodywork with Mal Weeraratne. I am also a certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor and I teach workshops and private tuition of Taoist Inner Alchemy, Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Sexual Alchemy.
I am an experienced therapist and bodyworker with a deep understanding of the nature of trauma and the function of the energy body in healing trauma. I have years of experience working with trauma and sexual issues and holding space for my clients to process their pain. Through Tantric Massage I have found a new and deeper way to allow the patient to access their soul and spirit for healing on an incredibly profound level. My focus in a session is to activate the love energy of the Heart, an incredible energy that can be combined with orgasmic energy, spread round the body, and used to heal on a cellular level. I combine dance, tantric rituals, sound healing, shamanic practices and Sexual Alchemy with deep bodywork, energy work, oil massage and light touch. The session involves an in depth abdominal and groin massage (Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang) to clear blockages in the abdomen and open up the flow of lymph and blood into the sexual area to bring an incredible amount of energy there. I combine the sexual energy with the love energy of the Heart, and as this spreads around the body is opens up the body to the ecstatic experiences of full body and multiple orgasms, and eventually to a deep spiritual connection and oneness with the universe.


"I am writing this two days after my session. Jade told me she had not had a nearly blind client before. She took care, without fuss, to show me where things were in the shower room and treatment room. I was quickly able to share painful experiences and embarrassments in my own life which I am wanting to get rid of. Jade’s strength is the understanding of energies. I felt relaxed and in control of my emotions afterwards. My thoughts and emotions were not all over the place and I felt I had been very well treated. On the train home, I made a few notes and practiced moving energies. I was realising that Tantric practice could be part of my life just like my daily exercises and music practice. Very good feelings."

Roger, 77 retired teacher) who has been blind all his life).

"In every way Jade was able to demonstrate that she was passionate about practicing her body work skills. I felt she did not show clumsiness that a novice might show."

Jacques, oncology nurse, 67

"I love Jade's energy which is so uplifting, nurturing and sensual. She is very skilled in taking what is necessary from the schedule and applying it according to the needs of the client and using her unique skills and expertise in Daoist practices. I feel safe with Jade, exploring sensuality and sexuality with a woman who is both very naive and playful at the same time. Held in sisterhood and feminine love/grace."

Banu, Tantric Journey educator, 39

"I felt extremely safe and emotionally held. I felt like I could release anything and everything even though I didn't know what that was at the time. Jade was there so relaxed and helped me heal completely. The body work was amazing and the best massage I ever had. She applied the perfect pressure and movement."

Yasmin, Yoga Teacher, 24

"Jade was able to attend to small details without losing the bigger picture of overall bodywork. I liked the meditation at the beginning. It help me to connect with her on an energetic level. During the various techniques of massage she had applied the right amount of pressure and softness during the session. She was also responsive to my bodily expressions, vocalisation and respiration. The whole body was taken care of."

Gosia, Yoga Teacher, 36

Yoni, Lingham and Prostate Massage

These are ancient practices from the Taoist and Tantric traditions. Deeply healing, they are useful for many conditions including:

  • Sexual Abuse and Rape
  • PTSD
  • Anorgasmia
  • FGM
  • Pain
  • Infertility
  • Childbirth Trauma
  • Male Circumcision
  • Impotence
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Pornography Addiction
  • Excessive Masturbation
  • Sexual Perversions including tendency to peadophilia or rape fantasies
  • Feelings of guilt an shame relating to sexuality
  • Low energy levels
  • Excessive negative Energy and Emotions

The massages are also useful simply to experience and energetic awakening and sexual spiritual awakening\experience and to unlock the bodies orgasmic potential to be multi orgasmic and full body orgasmic.

All clients are treated with total respect and confidentiality regardless of their condition.

Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is offered to female clients to clear traumas and emotional blockages in the sexual area.  This will follow a consultation to make sure that the massage is right for where you are in your journey.  I offer a clothed massage first to make sure that you are comfortable with my energy and healing techniques. Consent is asked for at every step of the way and at any point the patient may request to stop or have a break.

It is now being understood that we store huge amounts of negative energy in our sexual organs and that these block us both sexually and creatively. Yoni massage incorporates Karsai to clear physical blockages in the blood and lymph and increase energy flow to the area and then works works on the reflex zones using the Five Elements system to eliminate specific emotions from the reflex areas.  I also work on the tendons in the yoni which can become blocked leading to problems with the hips.  Where there are blockages, the area will be sensitive.  During the massage, as the blockage is released, there is a sensation of heat and throbbing as the energy and blood return to the area.  There is also a G-Spot massage to release emotional toxins stored there. Once blockages are released the area becomes very pleasurable.  During the G spot massage Amrita is often released, which is a very detoxifying and deep healing experience.  Orgasmic energy can be released which the patient is taught to combine with the love energy of the Heart and move around their body to use to heal any part that needs healing.  I focus on opening the Heart and chakras to allow the energy to flow so that healing can take place.

testimonials about my Yoni Massages

"She was very competent and confident. She talked through as she massaged all my organs through my yoni. Jade's manner was so caring and nurturing and compassionate. I felt so embraced and in the safest healing space. After the session I felt reborn, because I had released a lot of memories and stored emotional energy that was not serving me. I felt enlightened to a cycle of my karma regarding my dad. So in fact it was perspective changing."

Yasmin, Yoga Teacher, 24

"Jade holds the space in beautiful way. I felt safe. Lot’s of things shifted for me. I love the whole experience with Jade. She is very warm person and made me feel very safe. The massage was powerful and cleared lot’s of things. I felt very good after for many days. Thank You Jade for being You."

Anna Abramowska, Reiki Master, 39

"The ambience was very pleasant: relaxing scents and slightly dim light. This made me feel welcome and protected. Jade was very conscious of my privacy. The whole body was taken care of and the yoni massage was executed with respect and care. I felt that I was in good hands. She had asked for my consent before proceeding
further with the technique. She wasn’t pushy, nervous, or clumsy. I felt deeply that my body and emotions were of utmost importance."

Gosia, Yoga Teacher, 36

"I could feel her comfort in her own sexuality which gave me space to be comfortable in mine. It was very inspiring and comfortable. It was one of the best yoni massages I have received."

Banu, Tantric Journey educator, 39

Prostate Massage

The prostate gland is considered the master gland by Taoists and it's health is of utmost importance.  I offer prostate massage as it is essential to men's health.  Physical toxins (for example from chemicals in cosmetics) as well as emotional toxins and traumas accumulate here causing blockages and eventually leading to dis-ease. The massage targets the biochemical and physical structure of the body and there are clear and immediate benefits.  The whole pelvic area experiences release and is much more relaxed. It relaxes the whole body, improves digestion and is useful for a range of psychological disorders such as PTSD. It is also an excellent treatment for premature ejaculation as PE is caused by an accumulation of toxins in the prostate leading to an urgency to ejaculate.  Once the toxins have been cleared, the prostate can start to experience orgasms. These can continue for extended periods of time and are how a man can become multi orgasmic like a woman. The results are immediate and dramatic.

Testimonials for my Prostate Massages

"Although Jade explained clearly what the ‘tantric journey’ massage involved in terms of procedure, I was still aware that I couldn’t predict how my body would react in any given moment. I have had a prostate massage before, but felt intuitively that due to past energy blockages, and general un-cleared emotional wreckage from the past, I needed another one. I was a little nervous to begin with, as it’s not easy to ‘surrender’ in this way, so to speak. But Jade’s friendly and informative approach put me instantly at ease. Right from the start I felt safe and well held in her company. The room had an inviting appeal to it, and I could tell a lot of care had gone into preparation.   We began with the mandatory ‘check-in’, and Jade explained to me what was, and what was not, on offer. She then reassured me that I didn’t have to receive anything that didn’t feel right. Her only intention of the treatment was my healing. Jade’s touch was lovely, alternating intuitively between strong pressure and sensitive gentle strokes. She was fully present throughout and always alert to how my body was reacting at any given moment. I could tell she has been expertly trained. All in all I had a deeply nurturing and expansive experience which, towards the end, did arouse sexual energy. This was not of course the goal, but it was testament to Jade’s ability to relax me in the most compromising of situations; and, to be frank, it felt gorgeous. I left with feelings of peace, bliss and general aliveness. Thank you Jade, I will come again x"

Chris, 54, Academic

"Jade took great care slowly building up to the entry which I appreciated and enjoyed. There was no rushing and her finger technique was gentle and exploratory."

Roger, 77, retired teacher

"She was masterful and gentle throughout, it was a sexual awakening, and thus gave me a positive channeling of my sexual energies. I would recommend the massage to those who want to embrace their inner self and understand themselves holistically."

Jacques, oncology nurse, 67

Lingham Massage

I offer Lingham massage to men whom I feel would benefit from the treatment and are ready for it.  Like yoni massage, the lingham massage starts using Karsai techniques to clear blockages that affect erections in the blood flow and lymph in the groin area.  It also works to clear negative emotions stored in the reflex zones of the lingham. As the sexual energy builds up, I teach you to redirect this energy up to nourish your Heart, creating a connection between the Heart and sexual area which is life changing.  This is a deeply healing and nurturing experience and the start of experiencing yourself in a whole new way as a sexual and spiritual being.  The treatment addresses erectile dysfunction and issues of guilt and shame surrounding sexuality as well as being intensely energising.

Reviews about my Lingham Massages

"With the lingam massage, Jade worked carefully and lovingly around my
groin, and testicles explaining about blockages and blood flow etc. This
was very pleasurable and I felt no embarrassment. The lingam massage itself
was very thorough and I felt perfectly in tune with the sexual energy being
dispersed around my body without ejaculating. I was left with a very
cared-for feeling, OK with my sexual self."

Roger, 77, retired teacher

"My sex and my heart both feel very open, interconnected and expanded."

Chris, Academic, 54

"I made connection with Jade because of her interpersonal skills and she saw my vulnerability and in doing so I was able to connect with opening my heart, allowing myself to be safe and loved, which was very healing."

Jacques, 67, oncology nurse