Taoist Path To Health

Balance and Healing through Taoist Inner

Taoism is a diverse and extensive topic.  History blends into mythology in a time when little was documented in writing. What has been handed down and adapted along the way are practices that focus on health and well-being. Taoist practices are essentially about energy cultivation: meditation, chi kung and tai chi, and also Chinese Medicine. This focus on health and energy is  the legacy of the Taoists.

Ancient Taoists did not go to classes to learn chi gong and tai chi, they sat in the mountains, meditating in caves and perfected the practice of Inner Alchemy, or transformation for the purpose of longevity. This became a quest for immortality, immortalised in Taoist legend.  What we have today was passed down through many generations of people with very different lifestyles to us. They would follow the chi with their hands as they meditated, and this is what became tai chi. They would figure out how to stand in such a way that optimised the chi flow and correctly aligned the body and this is chi kung.  

They would learn to transform, recycle, circulate, optimise and store chi and this became Inner Alchemy practice.  They learned that sexual energy (jing) is very close to and easily transformed into spiritual energy and the most easily digestible form of energy for the body.  They learned to transform their sexual energy to make use of it for healing themselves. Sexual activity became ‘The Art of the Bed Chamber’ and was practiced to perfection in the minutest detail.

Taoist Inner Alchemy specifically refers to cultivation of virtue and chi cultivation. This is how you really get to experience what Taoism is about, when you feel the changes in your body, improvement in your health, increased energy and vitality, freedom from addictions, and a spiritual transformation as your energy flow is opened to allow enable connection with your Tao (destiny). Taoists believe that correct energy flow makes a healthy person and that a healthy person manifests around them all that they need to prosper. It's about the frequency that you are vibrating at.

You can read numerous books, but until you experience chi moving in your body you do not understand it.  There are various method to awaken your energy. They all are working with the same bodies. Your energy can be activated through acupuncture or massage, through meditation and chi kung as well as tai chi. These are different ways of working with different kinds of energy for different effects.

Taoist practices are taught in different ways by various instructors around the world, that is the nature of Taoism. Here I outline a system to work with energy to cover the basic components of cultivating virtue, activating the chi flow, realigning and using your structure efficiently, and using sexual energy for optimum and it's spiritual purpose. While some practitioners prefer to stick with one traditions, these practices can be mixed with others including yoga and martial arts if the practitioner finds this useful.

Taoist Inner Alchemy

Taoist Inner Alchemy is the basis of Taoist practice. It is about using the mind to create an inner environment that is conducive to health and spiritual development. The meditation is highly active and the practitioner can feel the changes and healing going on within. Learn to connect with and gain mastery of your emotions, to gain insight into your personal and spiritual development and to increase your energy levels. Gain an understanding of Chi and learn to circulate it to improve your vitality and to heal yourself.

-Learn to connect with your organs, understand the source of emotions in your body and come to master your emotional state.

-Learn to feel chi and concentrate it in one place through focusing the mind, and to facilitate it's movement around the body in order to clear stagnation and blockages and to improve the quality of energy and vitality.

Chi Kung & Tai Chi

Learn to realign your structure by relaxing into standing positions, and to eliminate pain and pelvic imbalances. These postures teach you to allow the energy to flow through your body as it should, leaving you energised and enlivened. Find true strength by using the power of chi instead of the power of muscle. Learn to take chi from the cosmos and the earth to recharge yourself at a cellular level with the electro-magnetic energy of the natural environment, increasing stamina and vitality, whilst channeling any negativity into the ground. Learn to energise yourself by following the flow of chi in the external world.

-Learn to use your structure to be strong without using muscle power, making optimum use of your body and tapping into chi sources to give you strength.

-Learn to feel and follow the chi in the outside environment and move with it.

Healing Love & Sexual Alchemy

Rediscover your sexuality in a conscious minded way as a tool for spiritual exploration of the Universe. Find a new energy and joy in life in healing yourself by releasing traumas stored in the sexual area. Learn to release negative emotions stored in your sexual area that are blocking your potential. Discover the healing power of sexual and orgasmic energy.  Banish lust and sexual frustration, replacing these with a pure, healing, sexual spiritual energy that flows through your whole being. Learn to awaken your energy body so the slightest touch or thought can awaken a wave of orgasmic energy.  Learn to love yourself.  Learn to discover yourself as a new being with limitless possibilities.

 -Learn to utilise jing (sexual energy) to feed the brain and heal the body.

-Learn to experience and feel your energy body and chi