The Beauty Myth

Insecurity: A Billion £ Industry

Convincing women that the way they look naturally is not acceptable is a billion pound industry. For over a century the psychological subjugation of women has become a lucrative industry. It is based on a false premise because spending a lot on make up and plastic surgery often does not give positive results to our appearance and has a negligible effect on attracting people to us.

The truth is that people are atttracted to our energy. We all have a subconscious sense of what is happening with others, and we react to this often without realising. This is why certain people are bullied and others are respected, people are just reacting to the energy. If a bully is asked why they are doing it, they will not have an answer, because they are not conscious of their actions. It takes a conscious minded person to rise above this and show compassion to others and this is why compassion is considered to be the highest virtue.

As you become adept with Taoist  practices and as your chi energy increases, you will start to glow, and people will comment on how good you look.  As your energy changes you will find you are attracting what you want in your life instead of being a victim to circumstances. It's not a matter of right and wrong, more like cause and effect. When you have the best energy possible people will respond to that.

Natural Radiance

No make up can replicate the glowing natural beauty of a happy, healthy, well balanced person.  People will see your radiance and react to that more than they will to a new dress or a new hair style.

I notice how people comment to me when I have been on a meditation retreat or have been doing a lot of tai chi. I know that they feel my energy and are attracted and thrilled by it.


Personality is the Key

In any case people react to your energy. Have you ever wondered why a beautiful person may be unhappy or struggle to find a partner?  It is because her energy, and in particular her sexual energy, is not flowing properly.

When your energy is flowing, and the quality of the energy is good, you will start to manifest around you what you want. Energy is vibration and achieving what we want in life is about literally raising the vibrations around you and finding others vibrating at this high frequency so that you are joined by people who are loving and kind, creative and fun to be around, because this is what gives us a good quality of life.