The Beauty Myth

Insecurity: A Billion £ Industry

Convincing women that the way they look naturally is not acceptable is a billion pound industry.  

As you become adept with Taoist  practices and as your chi energy increases, you will start to glow, and people will comment on how good you look.  As your energy changes you will find you are attracting what you want in your life instead of being a victim to circumstances.


Natural Radiance

No make up can replicate the glowing natural beauty of a happy, healthy, well balanced person.  People will see your radiance and react to that more than they will to a new dress or a new hair style.

Personality is the Key

In any case people react to your energy. Have you ever wondered why a beautiful person may be unhappy or struggle to find a partner?  It is because her energy, and in particular her sexual energy, is not flowing properly